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  1. oh, it's the english language! I think that it's why he wrote like this... yes, HE is very therapeutic for me too! When I feel something different I always look for a song that tells me something about this feeling. So sometimes I remember a song, then listens to it hoping that it will tell me, and help me to describe what I'm going through. When it's not a song by Mika, it always starts well, but at the end it gets completely out, and I say: "nooo, nooo! it's not what I want to hear!!! There's nothing to do with what I'm feeling!!!" Then I listen to Mika and it fits perfectly to my feelings!!! I don't know how HE does this, but HE does!
  2. After a long time I had a new dream about Mika. Mika and I were at the top of a very high building... like a tower... from where we could have a very good sight of the city!! So I noticed that many buildings of the city were crazy. The designs were very very much beautiful and different, and they were very colourful! It is indescribable!!! And the dream was so real, I can't even express how it was... So I looked at Mika and said: "Wow, you are a very good architect!!! Was it really you who made all this???? It's brilliant!!!!" And he just made a face like he was saying: "Yeah!!! I've made this! And this is beautiful!" The buildings Mika was the architect were a temple, a hospital, a theater... Very colourful, and wonderful!!! And lots of others. They were really beautiful, I can't describe!!! Imagine all the talent of Mika that is in music expressed in architecture!! That was my dream! I woke up believing that Mika could be the best architect ever!
  3. oh greener... yeah... beautiful! I don't know... It's such a paradise!!! I love when he is in white!
  4. yeeees, really dazzling!!! I like when he wears white!!! he's beautiful in white!
  5. hahahaahaa I'm a Leo too. I've found lots of Leos here in MFC!!! There's a lot of us!!! Union of the Leos birth sign!!! I'm 5 days older than Mika so in chinese zodiac we are Pig ! He doesn't look like a pig, so in this case I vote in Lion too!
  6. !hola! I think so!!! But I can't understand spanish when spoken too fast!! la pronunciación és difícil !
  7. hahahaahhaa vocês viram ele de médico!? E está dando a receita!!! Meninas do fórum brasileiro, eu volto lá mas ando com uma preguicinha perdon! o blog está lindo, maravilhoso!!!! Já está nos meus favoritos!!! Amei!!! Mary: Nossa, 500km? Isso é km pra caramba! É complicado mesmo. Pra mim também seria difícil! Mas vamos continuar com a ola da espera!!! :groupwave:
  8. oh no, you don't turn the rainbow! you turn your eyes! Do this , and then this and then roll like this hehehehee... Just kidding ! You can cut a piece of paper in circle, paint the rainbow colors there, and then turn it like that toy that moves with the wind, you know? I forgot the name right now... In my country it's called "catavento".
  9. Great idea!!! Although I have never gone to Mika concert. I let here my wishes of all the luck for him !!!! Maybe I have any idea by watching his concert videos later, but I can't think of anything now!
  10. Invadiu a grande área, driblou a mídia, mirou, avançou, bateu... é GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL do Mikaaaaa!!!! :groupwave: Ah cancelou... Que pena! De que cidade você é aí em Portugal????
  11. Isn't it??? I don't know, but if you turn the colors of the rainbow quickly you will see all becoming white !