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  1. Chunk is currently 9 months old will eat absolutely anything (even onions!)and is named Chunk after the character in the childrens adventure film "the Goonies" Watch out for more Chunk sings grace kelly we are currently in the process of making him some sequinned braces and possibly a t-shirt!!!
  2. Hi Most people have already posted their reviews so there will probably be nothing new here but hey! We arrived at Brixton at about 5pm to a massive queue, shortly after we arrived so did the music thanks to freddie & a few others from the MFC I did speak to a few of you Liz (I think) being one and also a girl from Nr Preston (sorry i didn't get ur name) and emmylou ( i think)Well you all defo kept us entertained thanks to the lambrini:naughty: We got into the venue and we were about 4 rows from the front, there was a bit of argy bargy while the support act were on ( i much preferred palladium by the way!) as a fella that was stood nearby who was fairly steamin anyway decided to light a ciggarette (yes in the packed venue! ) this was a big mistake as stood next to me was a father with his two young teenage daughters and he was also was a fireman! Anyway the problem was resoved quite quickly. Mika came on to an electric atmosphere and he looked quite euphoric about the whole situation and was constanly grinning from ear to ear.Apart from the screaming girl who was stood very close to me (yes i now have tinnitus:roftl: ) I had a fantastic time but my favourite parts were Stuck in the middle where the crowd carried on and Mika freestyled over the top:punk: Love today drum/bin thrashing where he yawned in jest to cherisse:naughtyI also just missed out on a Mika drumstick at this point to a girl next to me Mika Planting a sloppy kiss on Gray Skelly:wink2: Lollipop when he got the fans on stage, I remember seeing sylvester the cat who looked fairly stunned then started dancing:thumb_yello: Most of all the relax encore was amazing Mika was just in his element at this point I have never witnessed a gig that was so on fire, I mean he was fantastic in Manchester but this was just so much more. My sister also managed to keep hold of a big green balloon and fought off all the pokers,poppers and grabbers that tried to take it off her(you would have thought she had just given birth to it she was so protective:wink2: ) Anyway we left after seeing mika and he signed a DVD for my son who was so excited when i brought it home for him. Great Night, Great Atmosphere, Great People, Hope to do it all again soon!!! Please check out the Chunk sings Grace Kelly Thread in Mika chat section
  3. Hi All Just thought i would share this with you,Chunk is my sisters dog who has been trained by both me & my sister and then one day late last year while I was watching Live in Cartoon Motion his amazing talent appeared and quite frankly after picking my jaw up off the floor I was very impressed!! up untill now only us have been lucky enough to witness Chunk the dogs amazing talent and immpeccable music taste I might add!!!!. Being at the gig in Brixton made us think that we should share Chunks talents with you all. He is exclusively a MIKA FAN and will not perform any other songs no matter how many bonios he is bribed with:thumb_yello: Enjoy:shocked: PS Chunk will hopefully be posting more vids on you tube we are currently in the process of making him a new outfit with a nice pair of spangly braces me-thinks. Also please be careful with the volume as he has a truly loud voice !! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=spbH8rZmAdE
  4. Hi everyone God I am getting slightly giddy about my trip to London on thursday:punk: , both me and my sister will be comin from up north to the gig at Brixton on thursday are any fellow MFCers staying at the travelodge Marylebone? Looking forward to meeting you all, will be there late afternoon after meeting up with a dear friend in London who I haven't seen for many years. If theres a couple of flashing hearts spare that would be fab:thumb_yello: Take Care, see U all Thursday
  5. I am definatley joining this thread as i want to have a whine !!!!!It has been a week since i saw MIka strutting in Manchester:punk: I tried to get more time off to do more but my boss is an ***(But hey it pays the bills & puts food on the table !!!!) but what peeves me off even more is I only joined this forum after the gig and never got to meet all you lovely peeps from this forum the flesh!!(apart from bumblebeegirl) Keep all the gig reviews coming I'm loving it !! So heres to next time Mika-ettes!!! :biggrin2: :biggrin2:
  6. Hi, Poppy is my old rather chubby dog (my very own big girl!)so I am poppys mamma technically!! I am 31(a very young one I might add!!) I must say you are all very welcoming pls read my review of the Mika Gig 19/11/07 Love to you all !!
  7. Hi, I hope this post arrives in the right place as I am not sure what I am doing(story of my life) We went to see Mika on Monday Night in Manchester and had aspectacular time. It is the first time I had seen him live after missing him twice this year already:thumbdown: But I finally got there in the end. We had made a group decision to go in fancy Dress as the gang from scooby doo which as I scanned the queue was thinking wrong idea....Anyhow I don't regret it one bit:biggrin2: We arrived quite late and I had my 7 yr old son with me (dressed as scooby doo) so we were perched and the back on the floor (Nr the bar) but the venue is quite small so it doesnt make a diffrernce and the view & sound were amazing!!The atmosphere when Mika did come on was absolutely electric and even the quiet more reserved people around us were dancing:thumb_yello: I was well chuffed when he started with relax as it is my Fave and loved the girls from shameless they were great!I enjoyed the new material aswell But best of all I loved the semi naked drum session YOU ROCK MIKA At one point during the evening i nipped to the loo at the back of the venue and was guided down to the front by security as the toilets were queueless and got a close up mooch at the man himself....Oh man he sure has lovely white teeth doesn't he !!! I was fairly mesmerised but realised I needed to pee and then went back to my original spot with the scooby gang. Had an excellent time, will defo be doing it again, Hi to the bumblebee girl who we saw in the loo after the gig with her BIG balloon.
  8. Hello to you all I have just been informed I am New here so should introduce myself, as I have been reading the posts and decided to join..... hell yeah! I am from the North West UK female & old enough to know better he he!!!. Have liked Mika for a while now but keep missing him, wherever i go he has just been, and wherever I have just left he turns up!!!(Avoiding me maybe!!!!). I had tickets for radio 1 s big weekend in Preston but had already planned a trip to Ibiza so missed out then !boo!Then i believe he played in Ibiza when i came home . Luckily though I managed to pin him down to Manchester on Monday night and had a fab time. After reading some of your posts on here i recognise a few of you from the Gig, So a big Hi to you all !!!!!!!!!