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  1. Is anyone from the Cancelled 2007 Mika gig from Hammersmith going? I'm going to finally see Mika in London!!! It's just taken 5 years LOL.
  2. I haven't seen some of you in ages and missed you terribly!!! I thought I add the Olympics on here since its coming soon and wondering if any of you will be coming to the London Olympics? I got tickets for tennis and rowing. If any one has extra tickets.....let me know I will give you my heart! backpacker905
  3. Hey Christine, I want to go to London sooooooooooooo bad. I have the tickets in an envelope ready to be mailed. I'm too afraid to mail it cause I really want to go...really really really want to go!
  4. I love you! I normally don't win anything but i can't believe I won the "I-have-been-dumped-by-mika" competition. That's top honour! I'll tell Mika when I see him.
  5. Hello All, I realize that I never introduced myself. I'm the guy that thinks all the ladies here are the most incredible ladies in the world! If you are a guy, then I haven't had a chance to meet you because I only met one guy and he wasn't from MFC though I think he may be joining. I'm 26 male happy go lucky guy. I love to hug and laugh and just have a great time! I'm a speaker for a children's charity and on tour in North American empowering youth to make a difference in our world. I worked in Mexico this past summer and I got all the kids hooked on Mika this past summer, Im sure I've gotten hundreds of kids to buy his album. I know you all have changed my life by making me smile and laughing more than I ever have. Look forward to flirting, chatting and smiling with everyone here. Cheers to you all! Avoca - I have some good pictures of you! Rebeka - you are sweeeet! Suzy- I miss you Thanks everyone for welcoming me!
  6. I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited about the North American concerts. What sucks is that I won't be in Toronto when Mika comes, I'll be in California and when Mika comes to California, I will be in Toronto. It looks like Mika and I are Romeo and Juliet! I guess I'm Romeo cause I'm searching for him far and wide. He's my princess! I'm going to fly down to NYC to catch the concert but the tickets are sold out so if anyone has an extra ticket or knows when they are going to release more tickets, please please please let this asian boy know! I'll love you for life and I will give you hugs and kisses whenever you wish! In regards to the MIKA concert in London, I haven't mailed my ticket for a refund yet but I'm not sure if I can afford going back to London again until April/May. I still have a week to decide if I should go or not. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Can't wait to rock, scream, cry, dance, sing and laugh in NYC!!!!!!! We are going to turn that place upside down!
  7. Hey ladies, Long sings: "I'm Here!" I just came back from work in Florida and vacation in Europe so it's taken some time to settle back in. You're all sooooo amazing! I'm touch that you had a thread for me. I'm going to turn straight and marry everyone here! Thanks for the search party Christine, you found me safe and sound. I think you get a reward:wink2: The site was sooooooooooo huge and you can get lost inside this place and I needed some time to figure out how this worked. It took for a week to figure out the private messages. I posted my pictures on myspace...yes....I don't use myspace but I did it for you ladies. Also I kept my promise and registered with this site the minute I came back from the wild party we all had that night. I had such a fun time and you ladies know how to have a wicked time!!!!!!!!! I still have my heart necklace hanging in my room and glowsticks – Thanks Petra:thumb_yello: my myspace is: my facebook: search for Long Le in the LONDON network. I'm sooooooooo excited to be here and I love you all so much! Stay beautiful and stay gorgeous! -Long:wub2: