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  1. Hello, Salut. Hola.. my best friend of MFC.. do you feel good? i feel good but a little worried  for Covid!!  

    I just hope that Mika is always careful about the virus ... but knowing it surely knows how to behave .. 

    how is the situation covid in your country? here tonight they publish a new decree with more restrictive measures .. look I can't take it anymore we hope it ends but it will still be long .. luckily there are you and the other guys / and from this beautiful fan club. so I spend time with you who always know how to cheer me up .. hugs and kiss by me Paola
    1. silver


      In the UK we are having regional lockdowns.  In my area there are very few cases except for one major city which seems to have a very high number of cases.  However, these are nearly all university students and they only have mild symptoms.


      I am not worried by the virus, just bored that I can't go out anywhere.  I think I will have to do all my Christmas shopping on the internet :naughty:

    2. Paoletta



      @silverI think you're bored I understand you. here in Italy they have now made other restrictions; for now no lockdown because here the cases are increasing .. hopefully good .. I salute you and thank you for everything you have done for me;) you are a wonderful person .. :hug:

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