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  1. Hello my friend.. how are you i hope fine... your finger it's ok i hope... i'm ok i lost my dog... last month... :tears:  in the same period of the lost of Mika mum... . i hope to have your news... have a good weekend... .. i'm so happy for Mika realise another live album.. i just  downloaded the album to my computer it's amazing... .. Paoletta

    1. silver


      Hi Paoletta :bye:  All fine here.  Sorry to hear about your dog, it is very hard to lose a loved pet.


      I have had my first Covid vaccination (because I am the carer  for my mother), but won't get the second one for months.


      Good news about the album, we need something to make us all happy.

    2. Paoletta


      :bye: @silver it's hard yes .. but maybe soon we'll look for another one ... very happy with the album ... when he does something it's always a pleasure ... hello see you soon... :hug:

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