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    Ask The Mod Squad!

    Sometimes when we find out about events, we don't know if it is possible to attend, so the RSVP isn't set up. You can show you are going to this event now.
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    Comprehensive Lyrics

    ICE CREAM (Talking about this song here) When I hear that sound I know what's coming round Thirty-nine degrees Too hot for the bees The grass is turning yellow Streets are slow and mellow The faucet keeps on dripping And the clock it keeps on ticking The swimming pool is laughing with its shiny bright blue teeth Laughing at my body as it's sweltering with heat The smell of coloured plastic baking in the sun Sweet just like frustration, my senses on the run I want your ice cream I want it lying in the sun I want your ice cream I want it melting on my tongue I want your ice cream I want it, what you waiting for? Ice cream, every bite All I want is more (Ice cream) Filling up the car The red door burns my thigh How is this place just standing With temperatures so hot Air and ground so heavy Thick with gasoline My hands are keeping me steady Hotter than I've ever been The swimming pool is laughing with its shiny bright blue teeth Laughing at my body as it's sweltering with heat The smell of coloured plastic baking in the sun Sweet just like frustration, my senses on the run I want your ice cream I want it lying in the sun I want your ice cream I want it melting on my tongue I want your ice cream I want it, what you waiting for? Ice cream, every bite All I want is more (Ice cream) I want your ice cream I want it lying in the sun I want your ice cream I want it melting on my tongue I want your ice cream I want it lying in the sun I want your ice cream I want it melting on my tongue I want your ice cream I want it, what you waiting for? Ice cream, every bite All I want is more
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    Konbini : Le Track ID de Mika

    T4P, Eriko, and thanks for adding all the links
  4. This thread is for pre-show chat, travel & hotel information etc Don't forget to RSVP on the Calendar
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    Posters for MIKA albums

    I like the design and colours of the logo, but I'm not sure it says "Mika" to me.
  6. silver

    Posters for MIKA albums

    Some interesting work. I like the cover for No Place In Heaven
  7. WELCOME TO THE AUSTRALIAN THREAD: PARTY TWENTY FOUR!!! The Aussie Mikamites official logo: The Aussie Mikamites are proudly sponsored by: MIKACARD New Mikamites sponsored by Woolies. Team Mascot and hero: RAFFA Theme song: Destiny’s Childs “Survivor” Welcome to our home. Please... come in... As you walk through the hallways you will see that the walls are adorned with various photos of Mika, Mikamite family photos and various other paraphernalia. We take pride in our extensive Mika collection. SITTING/ENTERTAINING ROOM We have a lovely seating and entertainment area equipped with butterfly lounges and beanbags, where you can sit, relax and have a chat with friends. GLITTER ROOM This room is filled with glitter (shot from two large glitter cannons). This room is designed specifically for those who simply wish to roll around in glitter. Remember: Glitter makes everything better. Bubbles provided by Happikali’s goat. THE POOL ROOM Like every good Aussie household, we have a Pool Room. However, since we are particularly thpethial... we have an actual pool table (the deluxe Prince model). HEALING CENTRE The Healing & Recuperation Centre is for those not feeling well. In this sanctuary they may get much needed rest. Healing services are available and provided by the Aussie Medicine Woman who has a vast array of healing substances. These include scorpion and snake venom; eye of koala; tooth of croc. Other specimens and medicines are strictly top secret. THE CAT PEE CORNER Those who are misbehaving will be banished to the cat pee corner for an indefinite period. THE PADDED ROOM As the name suggests, this is a special built, custom made padded room which is used in extreme situations only. THE DUNGEON Details of the contents and the exact reason for the dungeon have never been revealed. There have been various sightings of certain persons enclosed in the dungeon, but who can say whether this is fact or fiction? UNDERGROUND TUNNEL Leads directly to the Butterfly Bar and back. For those who wish to make a more interesting entrance. Because doors are so boring. HAPPIKALI’S VERANDAH As you walk outside you will find Happikali’s verandah (with a view to the Australian bush). This is THE place to be. Many an excellent night has been had on the verandah. This is officially the number one best gig site in Australia. Use of the poles is permitted on special occasions only. Rumour has it Mika will play an exclusive gig here during his tour of Oz. You will see parked in the driveway a bright pink bus with one large Converse Hi-Top shoe attached to it’s roof. This bus is the Mikamites mode of transport, and will be used during the Aussie Mikamites Dream Tour of Oz. ANIMALS: MRS. BERYL GERANIUM Happikali’s goat. A star in her own right. Can often be seen touring the world with Mika. Has her own manager. Is famous for making bubbles using her rear end. Looks FAB in a pair of braces. SPARKLES Camel Extraordinaire (and a bit of a princess). Beloved pet and best friend of Rainbow Sky. His hump is an esky for storing beer and other beverages. Dreams of being a movie star one day. Has modelled with Hugh Jackman, and starred in short film Jewel Of The Sahara with Gerard Butler. Is available for rides at parties. Please phone Rainbow Sky for details. Beware of bringing other animals onto the property. Happikali may string them up without notice and use them for her jewellery making business. There are two adjoining restaurants on our property: MIKA HUT Where the only thing on the menu is diet coke and a pizza please. SUBWAY Visit Subway for a never-ending supply of Mika cookies. Special points are awarded to those who film their purchases and put their video on You Tube. THE LIST AUSSIE MIKAMITES: #1. Rainbow Sky #2. happikali #3. FlamingoCrumbles #4. Dangerous Kat #5. Blue Sky #6. Marty #7. nagnoo94 #8. Michelle 2 #9. celticjules #10. soangel #11. born4mika #12. nico_collard #13. deconstruction #14. Scut Monkey #15. Black Milk #16. S2_redshiftlove #17. Jolene #18. mouselle #19. PamRam #20. Walzing Matilda #21. Cranberries #22. Pamelalala #23. Emily 4 mika #24. Mika is so sxc #25. mollydog #26. sweet-dreams #27. wooden_sox #28. lyraucia #29. babyblue #30. ZoZo The Terrible #31. kristy5188 #32. Kelzy #33. pinkoranges #34. armande #35. themetalmunchkin #36. afazza #37. MeekoInkah #38. quatzxice #39. chickadee #40. Sweet Knees #41. Aaurora #42. senyorita12003 #43. Ju-Ju Lea #44. M!Ka RoX mY sOx #45. Minda #46 Oakie Doke #47. kobiiiii #48. Kateus #49. mikas #1 fan #50. riverbasil #51. tiffany loves mika #52. Tanya K #53. xx_emily_x #54. nic. #55. zoidy #56. bonzaboy #57. olivia237 #58. mireille geha #59. demonkissangel69 #60. Shanzi #61. mici3023 #62. ellennify #63. Austerulous #64. we_are_golden #65. Annie M #66. Jericho #67. Zak110695 #68. Mika Cherry #69. mika_me #70. gorgeousgeorgia #71. TuteTerminator #72. Sonelle #73. GalaxyBae #74. littledevil#222 HONOURARY AUSSIE MIKAMITES: #1. FREDDIESDOUBLE #2. Steph #3. helen #4. LeighHodgson (my supplier) #5. Wendi #6. RosinaKiwi #7. greta #8. Mika4Life13 #9. artsyfartsy17 #10. englishrose #11. PhotoJenic #12. LA_fashionista #13. charlottechristy #14. elanorelle #15. silver #16. stuck #17. Trix the Mubbin #18. anapher Not Aussie, won't stoop so low as to be an honourary Mikamite, but still wants to be in the first post: #1 Racinghorse83 AUSSIE MIKAMITES ROCK!
  8. This thread is for pre-show chatting Please RSVP here, if you're going:
  9. It's many months away, but you can chat about tickets, travel arrangements, hotels etc here. Please RSVP here:
  10. I think I'd rather wait until the album comes out, to see if it inspires any fan action. I think some of us are a bit too old for face painting
  11. silver

    Getting started on MFC

    Hi! Welcome to the MFC. This site is full of information and chat about Mika, and it can be a little confusing to find your way about, so we hope this quick guide will help. To start with, you should read the forum guidelines You may find a thread for your own country in the MFC international section: We would like it if you post an introduction just telling us a little bit about yourself, and how you discovered Mika by starting a thread (topic), in this sub-forum: This will give other MFCers a chance to greet you . We also have Forum Guides - people who are happy to help other fans to find their way around. You can contact them by clicking on their name and leaving a message on their feed by (public) or by sending a message (PM - private message). The forums The site is divided into several main areas which are shown on the Forums page Mika Fan Club information Mika (this includes press articles about Mika, discussions about his songs, comprehensive lyrics and Mika-related chat) Concerts, Gigs, Tours and Performances (reviews, photos and videos from fans and press) General Chat MFC Exclusives (special offers for MFCers, and projects we work on together) If there is a thread you want to return to, click on Follow in the top right of the page and you can be notified whenever there is a new post in that thread. Good threads to check We have a team of people who translate videos into different languages so this is a good place to look If there is something you want to know about Mika, the Mika encyclopedia is full of information You can always use this thread for any question or information you are looking for about Mika and his work: You'll get help from someone as soon as possible, and you can also find out if there's already a thread about the subject you are interested in, before starting another thread with the same subject. If you feel the need to share some thoughts that don't seem to fit a specific thread, you can use this one: There is a search function on MFC but it doesn't always find what you are looking for, so try using Google as well. Type your search into Google Search like this :"Mika's new album mikafanclub" (for example) and Google will find it for you. Activity Another way of seeing what is happening on the forum, especially if you are using a smartphone, is to click on Activity at the top of the page. All Activity will show you the topics that are being discussed, people updating their status, who is doing what. My Activity Streams will let you look at the specific topics/members you are interested in Unread content is very useful for showing you a thread you may have missed. Start exploring and have fun!
  12. Happy Birthday



    1. Mikasister


      Wish you a lovely day surrounded by your 3 kids and Arseniy :huglove:



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    [The Voice] season-8, France - 2019

    No, this wasn't an MFC event.
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    Hi and welcome to the MFC
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    Ice Cream

    A flash mob is when a group of people suddenly perform to a piece of music in a public place. Like this:
  16. Pre-show chat, meet-ups, etc Don't forget to RSVP on the Calendar:
  17. silver

    Sold out Shows from Revelation Tour

    Oh! That's not good, AMP. But it's a long time until the gig, so maybe there will be people who can't go and return their tickets. There might even be someone here with spare tickets.
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    Hi from Italy

    Ciao! Welcome to the MFC Are you going to any of the gigs in Italy?