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  1. I just found the song As I am listening to it I can't understand why I thought it was Mika, cos it doesn't really sound anything like him at all... I guess I just thought so because he kept playing it on repeat, but it was actually Vampire Weekend with White Sky
  2. Maybe it wasn't Mika, since I have a little handicap in the hearing department (can't really hear the highest notes...) I might have mistaken it to be Mika... But it wasn't that song either. It was a bit cheerier, a bit more upbeat.... Thanks though
  3. If I could remember the lyrics I would write them down, but unfortunately I don't remember the lyrics. At the Hammersmith gig 28th February I think it was the only song playing in the background before he entered the stage, but in Oslo he only played it one time, just right before he entered the stage. I am so sorry that I am this bad explaining songs But if someone speaks with during this tour, maybe they could ask him? This is going to annoy me for ages....
  4. I've been to two gigs of this tour, and found one of the songs played before the gig very enjoyable. In London it kept playing on repeat, but not in Oslo though. It sounded like it was Mika singing (quite logical since he kept playing it over and over). Does anyone know what song I am talking about? It wasn't 'Kick Ass'. I tried looking through iTunes to see if it could be a sidetrack to one of his singles, but it didn't make me any wiser. I really loved it, so I'm hoping that there is a chance of buying it somewhere.....
  5. I still have 2 tickets to the Mika gig in Oslo 17th march. Please PM me if interested.
  6. Har 2 billetter til Mika konserten. Finst det noen der ute som er interessert i å kjøpe dem? Jeg trodde jeg skulle få noen venner med på konserten, og kjøpte selvsagt 4, men nå får jeg bare brukt 2. Viss noen kjenner noen som ønsker å kjøpe, ta kontakt
  7. I've got a spear standing ticket for the Hammersmith gig the 28th February if anyone is intersted.... And I might have 1 or 2 tickets for the Oslo gig, not sure yet. But get in touch if interested. Update: I have sold the Hammersmith ticket
  8. I bought 4 tickets hoping I could get some of my friends with me. Now it seems they aren't as big Mika fan as I am, so none of them wanted to join me. I'll probably end up selling them, at least 3 of them, so I'm putting it out there if anyones interested. I pre-ordered them, so I don't actually have them in my posession.
  9. Yeah, I thought it might be some massproduced bs of a message, but just thought I ask to be sure thanks though
  10. I was wondering if anyone else got this message on the community at MikaSounds from a person who calls herself Jessica? I found it to be quite weird... My Name is jessica I was impressed when i saw your profil at and will like you to email me back to my inbox so that i can send you my picture for you to know who i am, i belive we can establish a long lasting relationship with you. In addition,i will like you to reply me through my private email box ( This is because i dont know the possibilities of remainning in forum for a long time please reply me to my email ok. Thanks,waiting to hear from you soonest. jessica.
  11. I had to work, so it's been ok. Luckily it was nice and quiet :) I'm looking forward to next weekend though, for then I have 3 whole days off :)

  12. Hello! :bye:

    I am as good as can be expected at the moment! :naughty:

    Hope that you have a great weekend!

  13. I've posted a thread myself, but there weren't to many answers, so I think I'll try it here. Is there anyone going to see Russell at Brixton Academy 11 February? I am going, on my own, and I was wondering if there were some people who might want to meet for a drink or something before the show? It'd be fun to gather a group of people. I am traveling from Norway all alone because none of my friends could join me, and I don't know anyone in London....