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  1. czesc! :D jak sie masz?

  2. ty tu nie kozacz tylko przepowiednie spełniaj xD ja cały czas czekam
  3. hey have you tried facebook? if not, we have similar page called but you have to have an account to find sb... and he easiest way google ofcourse
  4. awwwww he shouldn't cut his hair that closely to the head xD
  5. can sb please cut the part with Martin and send it to me? PLEASE? I need to see this in every second in my I would put it in my phone... PLEASE 0.3- 0.43
  6. aaaaa hahahhaha oh maaaaaaaan :roftl::roftl: he just jizzed in his pants! hahahahaha and Jimmy is laughing at him LMFAO
  7. hahahaha OMG this is exactly why I adore him!!!!! :wub2: hahahahhahhaha I can't stop laughing, he's such a moron :wub2:
  8. hahaha first she talked to Iva's mum, then I came to her to keep her company because she was standing there in the dark all alone Lovely woman , so glad I didn't bore her yes well I forgot my manners and I believe I didn't say my name (please apologize to her in my behalf)
  9. haha I talked to your Gran! She was waiting for you after the gig and we had a little chat she said to me that now she understand why you like him so much
  10. haha no Teegs I don't think he has facebook but I would like to see his face "oh maaan her again" xD GIG was AMAZING...
  11. haha this time I was standing on the right side of the stage (you can see me waving my lollipop) but he saw me anyway here you can see how they cracked up LG were dancing cancan then Martin started goofin around with his guitar AND BG! (now I'm all jealous I want to be molested by Martin as well ) opening Relax BIOTG hq:
  12. that one was taken when Mika covered his guitar with his hand so Martin couldn't pick a chord xD he laughed so hard then was laughing that he is smashing his guitar if he can't play xD he tried that a few times during the whole gig LOL oh maaaaaaaan it was a great gig we had so much fun it's funny how he was looking at me after he did something moronic xD it was like he was trying to make me die from laughter xD half of the gig I was dangling from the barriers with a huge grin on my face or just laughing so hard I couldn't take a breath xD moron! (it's not like we're buddies or sth but he was looking for an audience and it happened to be me because every other person was looking at Mika lol, but you know that little stunt of his during Rain, I think it meant to find him on facebook to become officials LMFAO!)
  13. hahaha thanks Rose! well it was more like checking if he's still "alive" by pressing his bits with his foot HAHAHA good to be back! (and good that you understood my bablings LOL I just woke up...8hrs of sleep did wonders LOL now everything in my body hurts LOL) haha well I'm yelling Martin on every gig I go (Rose is my witness) hmmm do you know what Matt from Muse is doing on the stage with his guitar? it was similar haha he made "love" to it while facing one of the BG LMFAO I haven't seen any vids of it yet... haha yes that was hillarious I shouted "why won't you die already?" it was a quote from some movie but I don't remember which one xD and Martin was again hilarious because he was walking on the stage and playing his guitar and still singing "dum parari rari rum" hehe I sang a little with him but then I told him to take cover and run but he just grinned at me and shrugged then walked away and become a living dead person xD
  14. and I can imagine (because I wasn't there when it happened) you screaming to your mother over the phone -when you're coming back? - NEVEEEEEEEEEEEEER PMFC!