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  1. 1. My favourite; Mika outfit- The boxers that he wears in the 'We Are Golden' video and his braces. Mika song- Kick ass, Any other world, One foot boy Mika songline- We could rule the world, on a silver platter Mika quote- 'I dunno... with my sort of wonky eye I thought I looked a bit gangsterish...' Mika picture- ALL OF THEMMMM!!!! Mika interview- The one at the zoo Mika video- We are Golden and Love Today Mika merchandise- My hoodie and my bag my keyring ^^ 2. If Mika; Hugged me I would- Have a panic attack Shouted my name i would- Faint smiled at me i would- Smile back and t
  2. This sounds like a great idea, i'm in too =D anyone looking for a penpal from the UK?
  3. Hi! Yh, so... I was wondering if anyone had a better quality version of this picture or at least one like it because I think he looks ADORABLE!!! Or any other cute, strange, AMAZING pictures that I might not have seen yet Thanks!
  4. Wow, thanks =D I'm making a video about him for IT so what i'm going to do is get lots of different interview and put them together with some of his music videos mixed in =D
  5. Thanks again =) Umm... does anyone know where I can find the interview when he says something like... "I have curly brown hair, I don't have any particular bad habits, hehe, this is like a speed date XD" ??
  6. Hi everyoene! I really wanted to watch some funny Mika interviews but I can't seem to find them any where... I will try to explain them the best I can. The first one is the one where he is talking about himself and he has to describe himself in about 20 words I think... The second one is the one about the chicken... everyone seems to be talking about it but I can't find it... If anyone has seen anymore and has links to them I would love it if you could share them. Thanks, best wishes. xx
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