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  1. Thanks for organising this Deb ... it's much appreciated ... I don't post on here much nowadays - but it will be really nice to see everyone.
  2. I'm coming to this now ... really looking forward to seeing you all. xx
  3. Laurel

    The extra ticket thread

    Thanks Rose. Will be there anyway. Are you in row G.
  4. Laurel

    The extra ticket thread

    I've messaged you about this ticket but if not available I'd really like a ticket preferably in stalls. Last minute decision but I need cheering up.
  5. Laurel

    London Pre-Show Pub Meet?

    Thanks for putting this together Deb. I don't come here much nowadays but am really looking forward to this. Need a good weekend away.
  6. Laurel

    London Pre-Show Pub Meet?

    Yep. I'll be there. Haven't seen anyone for three years. Really looking forward to it.
  7. Laurel

    The extra ticket thread

    Have one Dress Circle seat for London Row J seat 26 ... if anyone interested PM me.
  8. Have a dress circle ticket available as friend isn't coming now Row J seat 26 ... PM if interested
  9. lol ... Ingie ... ain't been on here in ages and took me a few looks to realise he's giving you a beer ... see ... he's always trying to get you drunk lol
  10. Laurel

    The extra ticket thread

    Have a dress circle seat for sale ... row J ... seat 26 ... managed to get a seat in Stalls
  11. Laurel

    The extra ticket thread

    If anyone has a ticket better than Dress Circle row J seat 26 I might be interested ... just throwing it out there lol
  12. I really don't know why the link was put on FB - it seems unfair and it wasn't the way it's been done in the past ... I think they need to rethink that for the future ... put up the fact they go on sale for general release on Friday but Presale should be for here ... if you can't be bothered to sign up here for the chance of early tickets like in the past - that's your problem ... it's not fair on MFC members.
  13. Didn't even know about this but just managed to get a ticket for Dress Circle.
  14. Laurel

    Mika's career choices discussion

    I'll be honest ... I spend so much time avoiding this place nowadays as I don't really feel a part of it anymore ... I should probably delete it off of my quicklinks .. but I can't do that either ... because I have friends here and because he was a huge part of my life for years ... but as a UK fan I feel we don't matter to him at all - it's coming up for two years since I saw him ... I'm not interested in TV shows ... I was interested in what made Mika unique, he was different, he was exciting ... I wanted once to see him as much as I could ... live wise ... he was amazing ... I don't now ... I don't even class him as an artist or a musician at the moment ... he's not someone who grabs or keeps my attention ... I've not followed him on Twitter for a long while ... I'm just very very disappointed in the way his career has gone and I can't help that ... it's the way I feel ... I try and make out I don't care anymore ... and it is nearing that ... but I am still invested to a degree ... but he is losing fans with his decisions ... and he will lose me for good if things don't change ... I need something to look forward too ... something to aim for ... at the moment there is absolutely nothing