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  1. Hallo ihr Lieben, ist zwar schon eine ganze Weile her, dass ich im MFC geschrieben habe, aber ein neuer Thread im neuen Jahr und in gespannter Erwartung was Mika so in der nächsten Zeit neues für uns hat, freue ich mich drauf hier mit euch zu tratschen. Hallo Giraffeandy, schön, dass du da bist. Ich habe in deiner Bio gesehen, dass du aus Prag bist. Ja, Muttersprachler könnte in deinem Fall schwierig sein, aber wer weiß... Ich komme übrigens aus München, sind also gar nicht soweit voneinander entfernt.
  2. It’s indeed with a heavy heart that I read the news of your passing. To stay with you was love, life and laughter and I’m proud and happy to have known you David. Peace be with you.
  3. Thank you Marina! I'm in with my hubby, So we are 2 !
  4. Emelye: I'm quite sure that somebody is in. Friends are coming at 7pm.
  5. Yes, Lisbon was short with only an hour and a festival. From the new album he did only Promiseland. ❤ Fact is Staring at the Sun or Goog Guys would be more sure. But life is risk. ????
  6. Mellody: For me this combination would be very fine. You are right: To wave the hearts for Hurts it would a good sign. ????
  7. Great idea to do a fan meeting also in Paris. ???? And McDonald's is always a good place. Thank you for organizing. I'll be there. ????
  8. Hallo Treasa, my hubby has a ticket row M. If you get an other good one stall we could change the tickets. Sorry couldn't quote to reply.
  9. I'm selling one ticket for Geneva 1. June. It's a standing ticket. PM me if you are interested.
  10. Good question. I only mentioned LT because it's his last song this time. And to mention "when he come back" could be a problem when he don't go out before the last song. Last song I wouldn't write because of Last Party.. Personally I would do it earlier, for Good Guys or so, but it's not a must. I'm in whenever w'll do. ???? The only thing I have to print them before Mika starts his tour. ????
  11. Personally I would give out so many hearts in the audience as we can print. But then cutting needs to much time to do. We would do it as simply as possible. ???? But as more hearts we have: Shouldn't we write when it's to wave. In very small font for example: We would wave it for LOVE TODAY. Your MikaFanClub ? ????
  12. So let us do the ???? in MFC colours. ???? Ok, for me the MFC colour is this green. Do we have more? Should we write on the paper when we would wave the heart together?
  13. For me the glittery mini pom-poms would be fine. I understand very well the argument that it's Mikas job to entertain us but for me it's also only 50% for Mika. The other 50% it's because I really enjoy when the whole audience is doing something together. I love that feeling and energy in the audience. And yes, I also love Mikas reaction when he notice that his fans -the MFC- are doing anything „for him“. And yes, it should be simple. Perhaps we could do Mikas new M-Heart, what he tweeted yesterday? In my opinion it would be a pity to do nothing in a audience where it would be much easier as anywhere else to distribute and to get a good effect in this theatre. I really loved to wave the paper for the „TAY“ and the „THANK YOU - FLAG“ fan actions last time.
  14. That's a good idea and easy to do. And I think in times from EM in France we can buy something in Paris in BLUE WHITE RED.