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  1. where did you go? do you still have that dreamers box? its been so long :boxed:

    just let me know if you still have the box...I'm not doing the project anymore, but I would just like to know....thanks :wink2:

  2. it has been emptied for some time now.. i have been waitin for the address!
  3. Just wondering if you ever got that package.

    I've tried pming you but your pm box is always full.

    there are still a lot of other people waiting.

  4. im absolutly NOT upset with you or anyone else... it WILL happen...its just delayed...lets all just take a deep breath and remember its gonna happen :] and as soon as i have the address on where to send it (plz pm me you address...it might take me a while..sorry) so we can keep it there for now... MIKA will be back...and as soon as we have a location to send it, it will be done and be filled with lots of goodies inside!
  5. yeah yeah thats perfectly fine..the only problems are that i still cant find the stuff i was to send him and that im really bizy with marching band...but sure thing, ill send it to you:blush-anim-cl:
  6. heh...yes...sorry...ive had band alllll the time and been very bizy with school starting and other things....plus...i havnt known where to send it! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY
  7. omg band camp! uuuuuuuuuuuuuhg........tell me about it:thumbdown: im always passing out and getting the worst tan lines..
  8. meh...things are difficult right now...ill be ok... how are you guys?:/
  9. life has been bad! :[ so many things going on here that i wont bring you in on but... i am soo sorry i didnt get to mail the package...i had it and then i promised id mail it the next day cuz my family was out of town...but then i go to mail it and it was all complicated and i could read the address..so i go to get it off line and my internet was broken! for weeks! and not only that..but durring this time period i lost the letter i was going to give him...(everyone elses stuff is still fine)...so this is my first time being on in a few weeks...to those of you who are mad at me cuz i couldnt
  10. my names amanda im all for sending to u guys cuz we got a little off our track for the mika package.....but hey,itll happen..no biggy...and besides...WE have no time limit for sending now! thats a plus right?
  11. ooooh cmon guys! this isnt to bad...besides...there are way more weird/creepy things that could be asked..... besides....im a vampire as well..
  12. lol well.... our poor lil box is already kinda tired.... how about we save that box for when we can get it to him... until then....lets just mail packages too eachother in w/e we feel like? lol
  13. lol yay! psh...forget mika (NO....not really:blink:) you get what i mean:bleh: i would be sending buddies with someone! pick me pick me!
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