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  1. Well I decided to take some time off from Mika, but since I know this Israeli prof. who wrote it, I felt the urge to update you:blush-anim-cl:: (and because I'm nerd:teehee:) MIKA official @mikasounds If only this had been explained to me in this way at school; page 1, Sapiens by Noah Harari
  2. Well I am, only because of mika I'm not really active... but anyway: @natali91
  3. I think It's kinda over for me... Just came here to say that, since i was off for some time and now saw his tweet... Really dissapointed and sad, cant believe im saying that.
  4. "The song serves as the first taste of his upcoming fourth studio album, still untitled, scheduled to be released in early 2015 via Universal Music."
  5. Now I wonder what the video clip is going to be... Pay attension to the piano in the background when he starts to scream, it's beautiful! (1:04)
  6. Oh not at all lol:aah: I was just thinking about the press and stuff Anyway, everybody knows already
  7. Ok I love it! And I thought I already lost him...:wub2: One question... can you tell in French who is his partner for the Boum Boum action? :mf_rosetinted: I mean, a girl or a boy? :teehee:
  8. Omg thank you!!! I kinda like it!!! I need to know what he's saying there...
  9. November is great, but I'm worried about the French label thing, what does it mean about the album?
  10. I was just thinking that maybe the other guy in the artwork is his boyfriend like, you can't see his face... it's like a mystery:mikacool: And the lyrics you know.... And about the song, i'm a bit dissapointed it's French cuz i'm thinking about the promotion of the album.... no one will hear about it, at least here. no matter how good the song is.
  11. Just thought you'd love to see this pic Taken 2 days ago in Tel Aviv, Israel