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  1. Hey! I've been good! How are you?

  2. hey! i was just seeing how you have been! it has been a long time since we have talked!

  3. So, this is really short notice, I know, but I happen to have an extra ticket to see MIKA tomorrow in San Fran (3.25)... my sister could only buy tickets in groups of 2/4's and we couldnt find someone to pick up the last ticket. so if anyone out there needs an extra for a friend or wants to make a deal go themselves... hit me up!
  4. well i have mono. so sadly i feel like i have mono. which is a very unpleasant feeling to say the least. and im bored out of my mind! i've been stuck in my room for a week now!
  5. im fantastic! everythings going smoothly lately :3

  6. i know i only hop on every once in a while, but definitely not like i used to!! ive been great, my last year of high school, have golf and soccer and all that, boyfriend, it's my birthday, just exciting lately! how've you been!

  7. I know! I'm hardly ever on here anymore. I'm great, how are you?

  8. Twinny! Aww I don't want to make you upset! haha I haven't posted on here in over a year :o shocking eh... how've you been? :huglove:

  9. carrie! it's been forever since we've talked! how are you?

  10. miss sheree

    i haven't talked to you in quite some time.

    it makes me upset!

    i miss my twin! :3

  11. internet killed the video star in my pants.
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