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  1. hey! i was just seeing how you have been! it has been a long time since we have talked!

  2. So, this is really short notice, I know, but I happen to have an extra ticket to see MIKA tomorrow in San Fran (3.25)... my sister could only buy tickets in groups of 2/4's and we couldnt find someone to pick up the last ticket. so if anyone out there needs an extra for a friend or wants to make a deal go themselves... hit me up!
  3. I want a monroe piercing as well as an industrial bar in my left ear :3
  4. well i have mono. so sadly i feel like i have mono. which is a very unpleasant feeling to say the least. and im bored out of my mind! i've been stuck in my room for a week now!
  5. im fantastic! everythings going smoothly lately :3

  6. i know i only hop on every once in a while, but definitely not like i used to!! ive been great, my last year of high school, have golf and soccer and all that, boyfriend, it's my birthday, just exciting lately! how've you been!

  7. carrie! it's been forever since we've talked! how are you?

  8. miss sheree

    i haven't talked to you in quite some time.

    it makes me upset!

    i miss my twin! :3

  9. internet killed the video star in my pants.
  10. the fact that its summer im on my own for two weeks and i spent my day playing tetris, and watching shows like Powerpuff girls.
  11. so i wasnt sure whether or not to be offended, but my gay friend Connor walked passed me and said "Devin, i've been thinking and you'd make a hot guy!" he said that it was a compliment, and not to think i look like a boy, but that if i was i would probably be hot O_o hahah i dont know >_<
  12. What is the NJASK? :o

    sorry i havent responded in a while >_

  13. Exhausted! my sisters wedding was last night, and they did presents and stuff this afternoon. had to do a photo project for my friend in between the two. im burnt out though! haha
  14. I am exhausted.. but amazing! lol.

    been super busy with school, swim, golf and church. but everything is going well :)

  15. heyy! how have you been, we haven't talked in like..forever! hahaha. how are things?

  16. haha don't worry about it, i randomly burst into this thread (well i havent in a while O.o) and just act as the girl who pretends she is from ireland, when i just dream it >.<
  17. hello Bethany/WeirdDuck welcome to mfc! that sounds like such an adventurous trip! i am quite jealous, haha, and what a way to fall for mika xp nice to meet you :3
  18. finishing my english homework i never really did >_<
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