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  1. Omg, that will be an amazing summer!! :boing: yeah, expensive one though, but of course you'll never regret it! :) and where in Austria do you exactly go? I was in Vienna for three times, it was amazing! :wub2: I'm going with my pals this summer to Barcelona, I'm pretty excited, I've actually travelled whole my life only through West Europe, never had a chance to go to south!


    Yeah, I love festivals too :wub2: summertime, great crew, cool music, terrific vibes. You should be an idiot when not loving that kind of athmosphere


    Oh, yeah, it's pretty embarassing to see someone you like when not expecting it! And especially when you don't exactly know how your face looks at the moment :naughty: of course you'll meet someone, there're plenty of guys out there waiting to be met! :) and you're young, whole life's in front of you! :) just relax, live your life, be self-confident and widen the circle of people you know! It always helps.

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