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  1. Until today I went to my fitnesstudio three times a week but after visiting this thread I have to go seven times a week to fit in my dresses in October........ Thank you so much for the fun here.
  2. Last week I was in a nice boutique and looked for a cocktail dress. The owner of the boutique came and asked me if she could help me, I told her I was looking for a nice dress for October and she told me " for October? You don´t need to look for October because we will be shut down again by then!" I left the shop at once, I don´t want to think about things like this.......
  3. It´s better to wait until Mika wants to have contact. I saw a few times fans asking Mika for a hug or a kiss and I saw how he tried to avoid this telling people he was sick or other things and I also saw his face when fans didn´t understand that he didn´t want to hug them and they hugged him ( it wasn´t a happy face believe me ).......... We shouldn´t forget that we all are strangers for him even when we think we know him because of dreams and so on and really do you want to be hugged by random strangers? I wouldn´t want it. And thanks to Corona it won´t be possible again anyway
  4. Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here. I´m Sabine from Germany
  5. never ever, I don´t have much possibilities to wear my elegant cloths so I use every possibility to do so.
  6. I deleted your private contact dates in all your posts because we don´t give them in public. And check your PM´s please
  7. I think it will be available at least 24 hours as Indeed counts the views during 24 hours
  8. I thought about also sending a little gift to Simon Leclerc too. What do you think about it?
  9. now I hope it will be possible to meet all of you in Paris
  10. Germany has a special security with data, everyone thinks it could be saved too much about them. I looked it up on Internet any datas about vaccations is saved since millde of April and I got my jabs in February. My vaccination center is closed so I´ll try at my doctor and when he can´t help me out I´ll try to contact the last vaccination center near me. Thank gof I have enough time to care for it
  11. I got vaccinated before they sent the data to RKI so authorities don´t know I´m vaccinated
  12. thank you for this post. I don´t know why I don´t trust that I ´ll receive it automatically as we get so many promises and only little parts come true...... But I hope everything will be o.k. when October comes around......
  13. so you fill in yourself the facts from your vaccinationpass?
  14. thank you very much my " Impfzentrum " is already closed since April and I don´t have a paper with QR code now I´ll try to ask if I will get a QR code when I get the app. It seems to be so difficult......
  15. so will be my regular yellow vaccine pass be enough or do I need another document?
  16. Welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here. I´m Sabine from Germany
  17. Hi Pati and welcome to the MFC and have a lot of fun here. I´m Sabine from Germany
  18. as we will come from many countries for these concerts maybe we could do the same as we did at the Adelphi and show our country flags with the word thank you in our language at the end of the concert?
  19. Hi Mike and welcome to the MFC. Have a lot of fun here and I really hope to see you in Paris. I´m Sabine from Germany
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