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  1. Yuna


    Sheida said you went to London for CNblue concert! and I found this on Korean news toaday

  2. Okay. . . this was just. . . amazing. . I love you Mika.
  3. Yuna

    And luckily Shinee will do similar thing in several different places in Seoul, from 1st to 4th April.....seen their schedule.

  4. Yuna

    I just got the news that CNblue would have mini album showcase or something in 1th April, in Hottracks Records in Mok-dong. 5:30 pm. If you're interested, I'll give you more info!

    (Heyyy empty your pm box ;)

  5. YKYAMF when you still get that feeling when you listen to his song even thou you've listened to them 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times before. I'm back on mfc brothers! after like a year? x) Oh god what have I been doing? Kpop has taken over my life. . . BUT I love Mika.
  6. MFCers Y U NO like K-pop Pleeeaaase I am begging you! be my frieeend. oh god what am I talking about? [YOUTUBE]5tLooPlf2Sw[/YOUTUBE]
  7. That's so cool! !! And yes I am!! we're planning to do more flashmobs in the future, the closest one tomorrow actually Thanks!! we could've been much better though, but I think we did a preatty good job in a short time ^^
  8. Annyeooong!!! I just wanted to share something that me and some other people in Gothenburg did. We did a k-pop flash mob to spread k-pop around the world xD tell me if you like it ^^ and. . We didn't practice much so no harsh comments please
  9. OMG!! that's so cool!! did you go to the concert? I would really like to go to a k-pop concert sometime. . . But it seems like it's impossible for me who live in Sweden -.- Oh well.. . Mika isn't that bad either and I'm lucky to have seen atlöeast him 5 times ^^
  10. AM I ALL ALONE?!!! [YOUTUBE]5n4V3lGEyG4&ob=av2e[/YOUTUBE]
  11. Yoooooo!!! Soo, I was just wondering if there are any k-pop fans over here? And if there are which ones do you like? Let's fangirl K-pop while waiting for MIKA, arasso? ^^ My favorite K-pop band is FT.Island! [YOUTUBE]itGNQbJwRSk[/YOUTUBE] But I also like BIGBANG, 2NE1, CNBlue, SHINee, LED Apple and others! Please fangirl with me! I can't be the only K-pop/K-drama/South-Korea lover riiiight?
  12. This is so really sad. I wasn't really close to her but I talked to her a couple of times and I think she's a great girl. Me thought goes out to her family and friends. Rest in peace Dark Angel <3
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