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  1. heey everyone .. i'm happy that the thread is back how are u guys ?? lool i know right i'm sorry abt that dude .. shhh !
  2. ooh i smelled a spain supporter .. whyy those.. !! suckers! xD dammit i was hoping they lose ! ..(jk i guess lol) keefkon everyone ? , today i saw mika on future channel, well i bet u've all seen the ad with majeda el roomi and i dunno who else in it
  3. today i had McDonald's Big McChicken for lunch and for dinner.. a meat pie!
  4. I had a chocolate birthday cake today lol!
  5. tauruslady .. thank u! =D phunkygal .. LOL barbie heads !! that's funny xD ! i love ur other stuff too .. the toy food is interesting !
  6. it falls when there's a leak in the sky where is south africa??
  7. I like that answer because he's not called Rafiki why do blind people wear sun glasses ?
  8. becuz there r two kinds of diapers why don't we walk on our hands ?
  9. cool game!! thanks mad xD!! why is our snot green ??
  10. hehe thans a lot! ^^ .. i know what u mean, sometimes they're too pretty to waste on school notes
  11. i lOVE ur shoes!! i'm a converse fan too ! that made me think of my sandals collection.. i don't feel like taking new pics so i'll show u my stuff that i've already taken pics of before those r my sandals lol notebooks.. duno if they count as useless stuff but i buy and not use them so yea more pics (of my useless stuff) that i found in my folders and finally just cuz i feel like posting it.. my school bag
  12. hello guys.. sorry for intefering !! i'm not Italian but i just wanted to say that i wish u aaall the luck in the next game on friday i'm a massive MASSIVE fan of italy's football team, and i've been supporting them for as long as i can remember .. my 3 older brothers r huge fans too so i've been raised to love Italy lol! ... i was reeally disappointed by Italy's loss to the Netherlands , but i'm sure that they will make up for it in the next games that's all, sorry for talking so much grazie
  13. lol!! my bro's a leo and he LOVES driving more than anything he has almost became the driver of the family
  14. EXACTLY my thoughts!! and i've said it on youtube too i watched these two videos before and they confused me but i think that he meant sitting in the car while someone else's driving
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