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  1. Finally i have found someone else who loves John Barrowman! me and a friend went to see him LIVE!!! xxx

  2. :mf_lustslow:I love the your signature !!!
  3. Thanks!!! I'll tell her, yeah she's called MiKaL00v3 on here.
  4. coucou ! Merci ! Tu es allé voir le parc des prince ?
  5. *does the 'thankyou for welcoming me' dance*lol Thanks !
  6. Thanks ! Yeah she's called MiKaL00v3. Do you know her ?
  7. hello every one ! I'm not sooooo new but I didn't know how to speak with you lot. I've only just learnt how to make a thread so ... here I am. My sister told me about this site so that's how I'm here now. Don't really know what to say so ... seeya !!!
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