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  1. Ok, I know I haven't posted on here in ages. But I really have to say that this is my new favourite song. I feel like I've found "my" old Mika back. And he quotes my favourite author (Oscar Wilde, but I guess I'm not the first one to have noticed). I love it. Simple as that.
  2. I'm not a fan of this song. First of all, it's in French, and even though French is my mother tongue, I don't like it when Mika sings in French. The lyrics make me cringe honestly... It's too repetitive. I like the "latino" rhythm though.
  3. Happy Birthday :happybday:

  4. I like this song! It's really catchy and cheery! It's just perfect for me right now I think XD
  5. I won't write a full report, because I don't have time haha But I had a really good time at the gig! However, I think I've lost a bit of my Mika-mania... I was not as excited as I was two years ago... But Mika was truly amazing. His voice is great and gosh do I still enjoy it when he babbles!! I won't post any pics, because they're more or less all crap... I don't know why, but my camera was so slow and almost everything came out blurry... grml
  6. Congratulations hotchoc!!! It's great!!! I wish I could sing; I'd have liked to take part in the competition! Any news about when you'll all arrive in Zürich? See you all tomorrow!
  7. Hey guys! How are you? I was wondering about when you think you'll arrive at the venue? Morning, afternoon, one hour before the gig? XD
  8. Yeah, talking to the taxi driver won't be much of a problem; I'll have written the address down, and I'll just have to say: "Guten Abend, Ich möchte da fahren, bitte!". The problem will be calling the company to order the taxi mwa ha I suck at phone calling, even in French Never mind, I'll manage! Most important thing is that I'm attending the gig!!!! :D
  9. True, they were quite good!
  10. Me too!! I'll just have to find a way to get a taxi to go to my friend's afterwards. I hope Zurich taxi companies understand English mwa ha ha
  11. Yeah, I figured that too I hope the support act will be good
  12. Yeah no, in Switzerland, artists are usually not on time... The doors will open on time, but I don't expect the gig to start before around 20:30 ^^ So you don't think Mika will sing more than 2 hours then? And is there an opening act? Thanks for your answers
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