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  1. ....not working.. its all bill and tom now. :mf_rosetinted:
  2. is german a hard language to learn?? im learning french now..but im wondering if german is easier or harder
  3. i hope the same happens with me... why cant my heart share!!?!?!?!
  4. tokio hotel is mind contolling me...!!! i love them (ridiculously) so much...and i cant even think about Mika anymore:shocked: i need help...idk what to do...i just cant stick to mika... ughhh.
  5. too.. many.. sexy.. mika.. -*gasp*- pictures.. *passes out*
  6. i have sooo much 2 do. i need to stop wasting time. lol i got to get this stuff done
  7. lol i honestly dont know where its from..i got it off of photobucket? i wish i knew though...when he flashes his watches then closes his eyes...
  8. lol nice.. he even admitted he was quite a good boy in the masquarade confession booth.. "apart from that...i quite a good boy..well...yea."
  9. did anyone have a chance to read this?... (poster-Jack Violet) All right, I guess now that he's happy with Adele I can spill the beans. Which old gf do you mean though? In high school he briefly dated the girl who starred as Sally Bowles with him in their production of Cabaret. That didn't really work out though, and then he dated the guy who played Maximillian for a few months. That was all over by the time he graduated, since neither wanted to be tied down in college. While going to the Royal College of Music and waitressing he had a short fling with a pretty co-worker who had c
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