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  1. ahhhh (L) Lady Gaga and (L) Mika...match made in heaven! They are both very different artists but they are unique in what they do and both put alot of effort in their gigs and are very absorbed by their work. i recall seeing an interview where Gaga tells us that when she was on tour with kids on the block she planned another gig every day after theirs to pay for her act during the New kids on the block show. she cares! and although i really like her music, her voice sounds better when she sings live. ahh mika and gaga would be a greaaaaat match (L)
  2. Hilarious, I love that miss Gaga's in the story as well! You do make Mika seem like an idiot though, I doubt that he would ever refuse to do something for his mother...
  3. oh im excited to see the finished result as well! i can imagine its taken alot more work to organize this than it did last year since there are more people sending in stuff
  4. Ah why is everybody dissing miss Lady Gaga??? I her! And i honestly dont get why people say she's not talented. just because she doesnt make the same kind of music mika makes doesnt make her less of an artist? people were making nasty comments about katy perry a while ago as well. who are you to decide who is good enough for meeks and who isnt? If Mika thinks they are good enough for them, they are good enough for us p-p-p-pokerfaceeeeee (this comment isnt meant for people who dont judge her or mika)
  5. Err... how about Mikaflashlights? I know it does not sound cool but daimn I sure as hell was happy with my Spice Girls flashlightl. who not put Mika's face on it. If you ever get lost in the bushbush, and the blairwitch is out to get you at least you die a happy person. maybe they can make it sing aswell. ..
  6. But....seeing Mika hook up with her...means we all have a chance too! calling Katy a product to seems a little wrong. she has her own style and personality and yea.. you get an act to go with it as well. but isnt that what Mika is aswell? I mean with him its not only mika...he even brings an entire world with him (which we all love:mf_lustslow:)
  7. ah okay, that comes pretty close to what i was thinking. next to other people he seems gigantic but i assumed thatwas because most british people...actually most people are pretty short. if the people in the picture were dutch id give him 190, maybe 195 but since most people arent dutch and that tall i figured hed be slightly shorter. the fact he's not that fat makes him look taller as well
  8. anyone any idea how tall he really is? just a guess?
  9. whoops Katy...suck it in! I'm glad they're done, and although I really like the hottie shes hooking up with right now, my vote goes to MEEKS!!! they're both so funny and pretty and I love their music!!
  10. Yes I did thanks. I went away for the weekend.

  11. aww thank you that is so nice! did you have a lovely christmas as well?

  12. I see, I shall try it as soon as i get on my own computer. thank you very much!