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  1. Hey bestie!!! Get online!!!

  2. haha. nope. im off to bed. nighty night. but one last question... do you like mika?
  3. no. that creeps me out. can you blow bubbles with only your tongue and spit?
  4. not really. they look like bloated fish to me. do you like sushi? (())
  5. yupp. and i've fallen out too. has you're computer ever crashed. ((like mine just did. ))
  6. yupp. and no, i dont have any clothes from american apparel. Do you have Hollister where you live?
  7. um... not really. i burnt water today so i think that means im pretty bad at it. ((idk how you even go about burning water but i did. it was burning)) do you think myspace is taking over the world?
  8. that sounds like a good plan ;P. what time is it for you?

  9. haha yupp. so, now that im done with that, i can roam mfc all night long and still blame me sleep deprivation on the paper. =D

  10. eh, no. not that i can remember. Do you think that there is another race out there in the universe?
  11. o ya, i hate when i dont do things and im either up all night on it and get like an hr of sleep, or i wake up at like 3 am to do it.