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  1. Silver said I should post this here, so here it is
  2. Only met him once, but it was fun to him chatting on twitter. Very sad This is him at Sadlers Wells in happier times
  3. Thanks for explaining I like EMD & BBB but I agree the other French songs sound derivative and a bit dull. And I haven't listened to the latest album much - it just misses for me, apart from Last Party.
  4. b.b.but..hang on a bit - you live in Quebec - how do you manage to avoid French songs in Quebec? Sorry to bang on about it - it's well I know - but I'd never thought about it before Edit: In my excitement I confused you with Christine so maybe it's English songs you have to seek out?
  5. I am a bit surprised that you don't hear French songs in Canada? or aren't the French Canadians allowed out of Quebec? Are you culturally segregated? I ask only because I don't know Is Canada so big that you can have separate industries with their own charts and for things never to cross over?
  6. Don't we all do that? When was the last time you did something because someone told you to, when it didn't match your own "thoughts, tastes, interests and worldview" Unless it was your boss or your mother doing the telling
  7. Disapproving? or just honest? I don't speak much French - I recognise odd words, that's about it, so I would answer no. But I like BBB - I understand it in a way that doesn't require words - it's in the music, and the way he sings it
  8. I didn't here anyone booing BBB at the Adelphi. It was a great gig. Mika must be doing something right to get such a good reaction. Statistics had nothing to do with it.
  9. Exactly - it's not as if the whole audience joined in the heckling or sat down or walked out or even looked bored. I remember it as being fun song, and one of the highlights.
  10. You are entitled to have your say, as we all are. And no reasonable person would take offence at your reasonable points, reasonably made
  11. Suppose it was actually the other way round, and 80% were happy to hear it? Why should a vocal minority determine Mika's set list?
  12. Are you seriously saying that Mika should devise a set list on the basis of I-tunes popularity? With no flexibility to play new songs or songs the audience may not have heard or songs that provide space for some creative staging? So no Toy Boy? no Promise Land? or Over my Shoulder? Because I-tunes users haven't picked up on them? Since when have I-tunes users been synonymous with Mika fans? It is not a representative sample. Popular Song (feat. Ariana Grande) wouldn't be so high on Mika fan votes alone - AG has a massive fanbase. Set lists are part of the creative process and shouldn't be
  13. That annoys me, actually. because I am English all the way through - at least to the 18th century - and I like some of the French songs. . It's OK to tell him if you don't like French songs, but no-one has the right to speak for all Mika Fans like we are all a homogenous lump. No-one speaks for me but me. I like the cheekiness of Boum Boum Boum and I don't want to be deprived of it because of some loudmouth heckler
  14. We should be used to his exaggeration by now. He's always done it, and we figured that out fairly early on.
  15. I'm going to defend Mika on this one. I think it is unkind to heckle Mika over his set choice at a live event. Having opinions is fine, and I have no problem with people saying something on MFC, or maybe to him after the show. But being so vocally negative during the show is unkind and off putting, and I am not surprised he was upset by it. As for mentioning it in an interview: a) He was making a point about the multinational make-up of his audience (ie the flags) and contrasting that with the narrow-mindedness of the previous heckling to make the point more strongly b) He is entitle
  16. He was educated in the UK. He won a Brit award as a Brit, not as an international artist. He is only half American. He should learn to spell properly
  17. Once again Mika insults his UK fans and turns his back on his British origins by adopting American spelling
  18. It makes no difference Generally "centre" is English spelling and "center" is US spelling - but even that isn't always true
  19. I agree - there was definitely more quality singing and less running about but the sound was really bad - I was too near a speaker which was distorting the bass and vibrating
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