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  1. Hehe. Stiilll crazzzy after alll theeeese yeeeeears !!!!

  2. if you go on the bbc website and search it then it's on there... (new companion) xxx

  3. I've been watching it for about 5 or 6 years its was sooooo cool
  4. Me neither yeah Whats that ? I don't want any one to replace him-But probably James McAVOY ( the thorn in narnia) but I think Russell TOVEY( the guy in history boys )But he's already been on Doctor who
  5. No your not the only one He was the soooooooooo the best ,its not fair only 4 or 5 hours of him left in Doctor Who
  6. have you heard who is the new companion for dr who yet?? i really wanna know

  7. no it isn't bel's is bleu mine just grey-green

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