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  1. Yes I agree only one song, it’s the only show in the UK and the only one I’m going to and I want to enjoy the show not to be distracted by loads of fan action.👍
  2. I requested the same thing for Chris, no flowers but donations to the British Heart Foundation. But his work mates had already ordered flowers before they saw the obituary, I didn't mind I knew there would be some who wouldn't see it, but it was a fitting tribute to him, the words "Boo Boo " in flowers, which was his nickname at work ❤️
  3. David was a wonderful,friendly, caring human being, always helpful and kind it was a pleasure to know him, and will miss him greatly, brought back a lot of emotions for me . Fly high Freddie rip ?
  4. In my kitchen, screaming along to "If your not the one" by Daniel Bedingfield. And I'm not alone... 1:59am - 17 Apr 16. I'm with my school friends. And no, we were never cool (#### cool and those who were) 2:01am - 17 Apr 16
  5. Is this what you wanted? LocationMontreal, Quebec, Canada Posted 28 March 2016 - 03:17 PM When I heard Mika would be on La Voix, I knew I had to be there... So I bought a ticket, realizing only after it would be on Easter Sunday. Easter plans work great and so I went to Mel's studio last night. After some waiting, we were let in the studio. Always amazed me how tiny they are! We wait more, got instructions from the crowd host and then, we got the cue the show was about to start. I was on the sideways so I could see a bit of the background... And there he was. Long shiny silhouette. It never fails... HE WAS THERE FOR REAL! Jump on stage with a bang (and carefully bending not to hit his head on top of the mouth) The setting was brilliant and it was obvious he was really enjoying performing with the contestants. Giving them encouragements when necessary. Mideay through, I realized I was back to the same exact place where I first saw him live: when he performed at Star Académie in 2012. And then it hit me again: we had certainly changed a lot in those 4 years. He's so more confident in these situations. His performance was totally flawless... Then he was gone... And Soran sang Elle me dit. I love this kid and I was SO glad someone was finally sang Mika at La Voix. Loved his performance, although he didn't make it to the next round (competition was fierce in this group!) Even the girl I can't stand usually didn't get so much on my nerves! Must be the Mika effect After 3.5 hours standing, my back and feet were so sored that I went straight back home without even trying to figure out if Mika was still inside... But it wasn't necessary, my eveninh was already perfect! Christine, tomomi, mari62 and 8 others like this Like This Catherine
  6. There's been rumours already that Mika and Fedez are doing Italian xcraptor again and there's no smoke without fire. Personally I would hate for him to do it in the UK (as I do xcraptor Italy and voice France) and all these shows are going down in ratings they have had there day, it's time to move on.
  7. I've decided I want to cancel my order on miksounds.com, i just dont want another ,but I don't see an option to cancel, or an email to reply too
  8. Ive a spare ticket for London show stall row E29 pm if interested.
  9. You need to delete some PMs ......

  10. Why should you feel guilty Treasa?Yes it's the first proper gig for the UK, but you haven't had any in Dublin either yet,(and we would probably gate crash Dublin WHEN he announces one) so why shouldn't you go. I'm sure there will be lots of fans from overseas going, that won't give it a second thought, get your ticket girl !!
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