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  1. I have a spare ticket for London too, ROYAL CIRLE, Row H seat 3 Face value : 56, 65 £ I'll be at the Palladium Contact me here, or on twitter @Leila8775
  2. Hi, I have a spare ticket for Bercy on Friday. Carré or, Porte O, rang 21. PM me if interested !
  3. My videos : [YOUTUBE]ypj4gfNJHak[/YOUTUBE] (filmed by Melgine) [YOUTUBE]B-C8XVUG8l8[/YOUTUBE]
  4. As Louizia said, an amazing show, such a great and energetic audience I will always remember all the light on underwater, it was beyond magical ! Here my pics of the show (sorry for posting the 3 pictures, didn't know which one to choose )
  5. Such a good (and WARM) day ! The festival opened its door at about 17h and with Nina and some other friends we managed to be front row. We saw Puggy, i've discovered them at Les Ardentes in 2011, really loved them and yesterday too, they've done an incredible performance ! Really a good moment. Then we saw Oivia Ruiz, a french singer that i saw in Papillons de Nuit, really energic, it was very cool ! That's what i like in festivals, to discover new great artists that i would have never seen in a proper gig. But of course, the best at the end...Mika He began at 23h until 0h20. He began with Un soleil mal luné (i still don't think it's a good intro for a festival but well) and some people were screaming his name when he was singing this song, so annoying I don't remember the exact set list but he didn't sing Popular song, Karen and Live your life (but we had Love you when i'm drunk which i haven't heard for a few months ) Before singing Billy Brown he told us that in Lebanon, he almost went to jail because during the show the flag fell down from his piano and it's like insulting the country And before singing another song, he told us he was going to be 30 soon so all the crowd began to sing him "joyeux anniversaire" so he said in french "F*** off* and then that he couldn't win against us but he was happy to not win and said thank you. The crowd was really energetic, it was really a great show ! He came out at the end of the show, talked with people and signed some stuffs, adorable as always Here my pics and my video of Underwater [YOUTUBE]tCl400HXNIo[/YOUTUBE]
  6. [YOUTUBE]3vRf4pCfqiA[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]ZY23JD_xsqY[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]bTMmZgODxXY[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]_UTyHEE4grw[/YOUTUBE] (Sorry for the very bad quality of the sound ! )
  7. Amazing show, 70,000 people it was very impressive, he was so happy to be here. Such a great atmosphere, people were dancing like crazy. He sang live your life, it was amaaazing ! (he changed the part in spanish to english) I love so much to see the reaction of people after the show, hearing everywhere such great comments about his performance and see people happy (and enjoyed so much to attend an outside show without rain ) Here my pictures, will post my videos later The ships
  8. Welcome Leila ! Glad to find you here
  9. An other link for tonight http://mips.tv/medsat015 Thanks to @krjsantos
  10. If the first link doesn't work, here other ones to watch the show http://www.marocstream.de/medi1tv (you have to register but it's very quick and the quality is good) http://www.channel-arabia.com/medi1-maroctv-live.html http://www.arabe-media.com/medi1_tv_en_direct.php Mika will be on stage at 21h45 Morocco Time
  11. Thanks for your reports, happy for you A lot of videos on this channel
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