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  1. Thank you for you replies😊 I’ve now found it on iTunes UK (wasn’t there a few hours ago yet)❤️
  2. So I’m searching the UK iTunes Store and where is it?☹️🤷🏻‍♀️
  3. Freedom - one of my favourite songs of all time. It’s hard to cover someone like George Michael and especially a song that everybody knows. Mika did it still sounding like himself. Wonderful!
  4. I so can relate to this! For me it’s also been over 3 years without a gig (last one I saw before Shepherd’s Bush last week was at London Palladium). I always felt elated after a concert, however, this time it all was too intense-the fact I went with a friend who wanted to see him for 10 years but couldn’t (she lives in Egypt!), then because he came down right in front of us during Big Girl and we sang and danced like crazy. And also, it’s been a long while (December 2012) since I last went to a standing Mika concert. It all was totally crazy. I’m sure he’s coming back here next year but... that doesn’t even make me happy until I know the exact date - I’m getting a sort of anxiety that I will have to be somewhere else at the time and won’t make it to the concert. It all makes me laugh and cry at the same time😅😭
  5. I thought exactly the same after the London show. I would love to have heard One of these songs: Last Party, Good Guys or Promiseland.
  6. I’m still on cloud nine after the London show. It was unreal❤️ Waiting for more impatiently. We need these dates confirmed please🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  7. You know he rehearsed for this tour in Wakefield...😍😍😍
  8. It’s been over three long years since I last saw Mika (at the London Palladium) and the wait was all compensated for by the man last night. A simple, music show, no gimmics, just Mika and his incredible band. He sang all I thought he would and more, I think for the first time I didn’t feel like there were some songs missing from my dream set list🤩 Me and my friend who has travelled all the way from Egypt to see Mika, were around row 4-5 centre stage. By the end of Relax I thought I had no more energy for dancing and singing😅 and then a true miracle happened... Mika came down during Big Girl with no security and completely unexpected and sang less than a metre away from us😍🤩❤️ At this point I would like to thank all the fans that were in his proximity, you guys showed as much respect for Mika as he showed us his trust - not a single hand touched him, we just sang and danced with him completely awed. Of all the over 20 gigs I’ve been to, this moment will always stand out. A perfect crowd, an unbelievable energy and mutual joy! Mika was completely speechless seeing our “We’ve missed you” cards at the end of Ice-Cream and then the colourful lit up hearts that we rose up in Tiny Love. A beautiful brand new set list, an unforgettable night. It was amazing to see so many familiar faces (some from a distance) as well as new fans. Till the next time, guys. It was epic🤩❤️
  9. I saw the cover and immediately felt something wasn’t right... This is heartbreaking. Thank you Mika for continuing. Your mum is an absolute hero, an incredible force and an inspiration. All my prayers go out to you and your incredible family❤️
  10. https://www.facebook.com/BrianMayCom/posts/1066260233387240 Gotta love Brian May❤️
  11. Before Boum Boum Boum he made a funny introduction - he said he'd teach us a few French words (coeur, philosophie and I guess something else I do t remember now) but he did it in such a cute and funny way, of course realising people don't like French songs here. He also promised it's the only French song in the show. I don't know why someone could still object to that, especially that the song is really cool and sounds amazing live.
  12. I was told by girls I was with he sang ATSW in Madrid but maybe that was an exception then ;-)
  13. Ah, sorry - that was meant to be reply to Melody's question if he didn't do some songs.
  14. He didn't do All That She Wants - maybe because of his grandma in the audience lol
  15. An awesome blend of songs! I'm so glad he sang so many new ones❤️ I'm still on cloud nine.