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  1. OMG! it will be a beautiful album, i wnat to see everything now...the Ep, the book, the album everything! and i see mika is so nice with everybody even the journalists love him.
  2. Chemi

    Hello from PerĂº!

    Ohhhh! Well thank you Christine! thank you Juliana! thank you everyone! jajaja
  3. Chemi

    Hello from PerĂº!

    Hello Mika Fans! My name is Zulema im 23 and i am a peruvian Mika Fan, im very happy to be a part of the MIKAFANCLUB! its a very nice web, just want to say hello and i hope to be in contact with all MikaFans around the wordl! OH! and thank you so much for your help Juliana! PS: Sorry if i dont write very well in english :S Kisses!