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  1. Happy Birthday :flowers2:

  2. David... he was such an amazing man, so kind and full of joy. Always with a smile on his face. We were even preparing a trip to Santorini, a city he really loved, only a few months ago... we were so excited. I just can't believe it. Thanks to him I got to see Mika in London, he gave me his ticket for free as he couldn't attend the gig. I wanted to pay but he was so generous... I remember he told me "It's ok! You can pay me with sangria and tapas!"... I will never forget the famous Madrid 2015 where we had the time of our lives. It won't be the same without you, my dear David. RIP amigo.
  3. Yesssss I like it! thank you Chris!!
  4. MFCers! El próximo mes de enero, nuestro querido MFC cumple 10 años! Y no hay mejor manera de celebrarlo que con una fiesta, ¿verdad? Pues aquí os dejo el thread para que votéis qué tipo de fiesta y dónde queréis que se celebre: En mi opinión, creo que Londres sería el lugar ideal, ya que en cierto modo fue ahí donde comenzó todo, pero podéis elegir cualquier ciudad Daos prisa, antes de que se cierre la votación!
  5. Meeks


    Hola Niamh! Welcome to the MFC! I am the Spanish Rep, so if you have any doubt, feel free to ask me or any of the Spanish MFCers! We will be glad to help you
  6. Bem-vinda! (I hope it's written like this ) Welcome to the MFC, have fun here!!
  7. Well well well what can I say? What a gig! I don't usually write reports, but I feel I have to do this one! "Quick" report: So, in general, the day was amazing. It was Rosa (basicamenteyo) bday and we spent such a great time with her. I met my old friends and so many great new people from maaaaaany countries and we talked a lot about everything! The weather was perfect, the venue as well. The stage was in the middle of the open square of a mini "city" inside Barcelona, Poble Espanyol. You had to pay 13 euros for entering (thank you Valeria, Grazia and Myriam for the tickets btw!), but inside you had cafés, restaurants, boutiques, chilling areas... and toilets! Everything was beautiful. Even if you could see the stage, that area was closed until the festival time, but anyway, it was cool! I was having such a great time... until lunch time, when I started feeling sick and having stomach problems again (i've been suffering them for 2 months now, and it's a terrible pain, but no idea why...). I knew it could be worse along the day so i was pretty worried I had to leave the venue before Mika's gig. Fortunately, my body did a good job and resisted until the end! I wanna say (again) thank you to everyone who offered me their help & support; I'll never forget that Valeria and Saskia painted some animal faces, it was an amazing work! I had a chicken hat that I used during TAY and SATS, but it was too hot so I had to take it off... A bit later than expected, they finally opened doors and I got front row with a very nice view. We could enter with water and food, amazing! People respected their places and space so you could go to the toilets or buy something to drink or eat without any problem at all, which was nice! I didn't move cuz I was still fighting against my own body anyway IMO, the other artists were nice in general. Maybe too many bands for me... I'm always tired and 4 bands before your artists doesn't help at all! And if you already have 0 energy... just imagine. The first band, meh, ok... nothing special. Brika, really good voice but a bit boring... or maybe it was because I was already exhausted and still feeling sick... Then Caloncho, a Mexican band, I liked them a lot! Good music and lots of energy on stage!; and finally Molotov Jukebox with Natalia Tena (from Game of Thrones and Harry Potter)... I loooooooooved them. I knew some of their songs so I had such a great time! Then Mika! I have to say that he was in a very very VERY good mood last night. My pain disappeared for a second once Mika took the stage Big Girls, first song, and a bear from the festival suddenly appears next to Mika. Both started dancing... The bear thing was a bit weird but, as I said, Mika seemed to be in a super good mood and that only means one thing... naughty Mika in da house! That moment when he put his hand in the bear's butt was... priceless He sang TAY in Spanish... well... at least he tried . It was worse than Madrid, but we forgive him! Then he sang other songs (not in order) like Good Guys, Good wife, relax, grace kelly, sats, live your life, lollipop, love today, underwater, rain, we are golden, elle me dit ( ), happy ending, origin of love, last party *bows* etc etc (No Promiseland, tho ) And well.. the Elle Me Dit thing or how did I end up dancing and tapping on stage... I have to thank my lovely friend Miri for giving me the perfect Tshirt! It has 3 flamenco dancers emojis on it and Mika saw it, I did a flamenco movement with my arms, he loved it, and the next thing I remember was the guard coming for me to take me to the stage... good I've always wanted to dance EMD or BBB on stage, so imagine my face, I was so excited I totally forgot about my tummy & stomach thing... I entered from the backstage, and that means I had to run so I didn't miss the song... as he was already singing EMD... After losing a shoe on my way to the stage, I arrived and, well, he took my hand so gently. I wanted to dance but he had other plans for me... I sat on the piano and waited. While I was there, my stomach decided to be a b*tch and suddenly I felt the urge of vomiting. Uh oh. I couldn't believe this was happening to me... I was in a hurry... Then Mika put me a hat on and started singing next to me, face to face, leaning on my legs while putting his head under my chin and (omg yisss thank god) I forgot that awful painful feeling! He sang the wrong lyrics during the whole song basically (I helped him once, he was so lost xD). Then he told me to stand up and we did that thing of "I don't wanna dance" he always does during EMD, but I was so happy I just had to move my arms and legs or whatever! Btw, one thing was clear, you cannot hear anything properly when you're on stage, Mika's talking and Joy and Ed are playing the drums BUT you can see every single face of the audience! Suddenly I see Mika pointing at my feet with his microphone. The first thing I thought? "He wants me to take off my shoes? " Well, of course not, he wanted me to tap tap tap tap tap! So I did! Then he joined me, he put his head against mine while tapping (bad idea, we hit our heads a few times) and finally we daaaaaaaanced! To say goodbye, we were going to hi5 but he decided it was better doing it with our feet, so I hi5 a Louboutin The security guards 10/10, they were brilliant, amazing and very nice people! They even asked me how did I feel after the EMD moment and I swear they fangurled a bit! (They told me Mika is a super nice guy...but I aready knew that ) I missed almost the whole Happy Ending song as I was coming back to my place but I guess it was worth it. After the gig, I started feeling terrible again. The pain was even worse... we saw Mika leaving by car, we did the mexican wave, he loved it and off to our hotel with the lovely Rose, who was craving for a cup of hot tea but we don't have that in Spain at 2:30 AM So, basically, I survived a long and hard festival day after waking up at 4 AM, flight at 6, no sleep at all, no food either, only a small sandwhich and some cookies that Nina gave me while I was about to faint (Thank you!!). But the truth is that the festival I almost missed... it has become a very very special one. So unique. I'm so grateful I decided to stay and fight until the end! Now i can't stop looking at the pics and videos/periscopes of that special moment for me... Just imagine seeing, from stage, the whole front row recording the silly things I did while Mika was not watching.. i've spent my Sunday at my uncle's house, finally with a computer, trying to respt but I ended up reading all your tweets, instagrams, DMs, whatsapps and so on... I am overwhelmed! I've been sent some pics I wanna share with you! (if you have more, please let me know!!) To all my friends and the new ones I met... it was an amazing day thanks to you! So thank you for everything!! x Rosa, Marian, Davi, Yoli... my Spanish squad! Marion and Saskia, I'll see you tomorrow! Pics by Myriam & Corinne: A And Nina's awesome videos!:
  8. Maybe you can enter by saying you're from Barcelona (as you'll have to be there anyway )... unless you arrive too late the day of the gig, because if you win, they will pick you up to the venue by car, and I have no idea when... so I'm not 100% sure but you can try!