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    I'm choosing life until I find something smarter to do :)

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  1. ah, those stupid exams :sad: Good luck next time then ;)

    Enjoying the sun and partying, sounds good :biggrin2: So looking forward to the summer, gonna be weired 'cause I'll have to go working. But booked my trip to London & Austria + 2 festivals (gonna see Mika again!! :boing::wub2:) (expensive summer :aah: but otherwise I'll regret it and you only live once)

    Oh, Jamiroquai! Don't know many songs, but it's cool that you're going!! Will be so worth saving the money :wub2: I LOVE gigs & festivals!

    OneRepublic was soooo good! Really enjoyed the concert! Even made some videos, gonna upload them on youtube :)

    Happy Easter :huglove: I'm also spending it with family, we're having a family barbecue :) The first one of the year!

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