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    I'm choosing life until I find something smarter to do :)

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  1. awww, so so so happy for you!! :huglove: sounds so perfect :wub2: Please don't worry about that he'll find "someone better looking" :huglove: Really, when I see pics on Facebook of you, you're such a pretty girl!!

    When I'm with my friends I always have the feeling I'm super-ugly. But doesn't every girl think that? :wink2: Please don't worry about that sweetie! :huglove: He loves YOU so why should he choose someone else? Wishing you two the best and a beautiful future together :wub2:

    gotta go, piano class :( don't like it anymore (the lessons, not the piano playing itself). the plays are sooooo boring :P but it's almost june and in summer piano classes stop for a while.

    Love ya!!

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