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  1. I have an irritating acne in the middle of my face and nothing can hide it, even the high quality powder. I hate my skin
  2. Yes I am really happy :wub2: no, he doesn't live far from me, he's pretty much in my neighbourhood. He's good looking, smart, 7 years older than me, funny, energic and I've simply found everything I've been looking for so long /emoticons/default_sad116.gif" alt=":sad:" /> I do everything I can to keep my body in shape, but it needs plenty of hard work and time to bring it to perfecy. Also I have to wear make-up everytime I go out with him, because when I have no make-up, I look too pale :sad:


    Hope you had a great time for the holidays! Love ya xxxxxxx

  3. Omg, that will be an amazing summer!! :boing: yeah, expensive one though, but of course you'll never regret it! :) and where in Austria do you exactly go? I was in Vienna for three times, it was amazing! :wub2: I'm going with my pals this summer to Barcelona, I'm pretty excited, I've actually travelled whole my life only through West Europe, never had a chance to go to south!


    Yeah, I love festivals too :wub2: summertime, great crew, cool music, terrific vibes. You should be an idiot when not loving that kind of athmosphere


    Oh, yeah, it's pretty embarassing to see someone you like when not expecting it! And especially when you don't exactly know how your face looks at the moment :naughty: of course you'll meet someone, there're plenty of guys out there waiting to be met! :) and you're young, whole life's in front of you! :) just relax, live your life, be self-confident and widen the circle of people you know! It always helps.

  4. Oh, well, get better soon! :huglove: and hope you'll do your exams well and that you'll be healthy when they come :biggrin2:

  5. Thanx, I will! :huglove:


    Oh, but what's the matter? :sad: just an ordinary cold or something more serious? I hope it's just a cold! :huglove: I was sick last week when I had my exams, it drove me nuts, I had to go to uni with nose snivelling, cough and high temperature and all that stuff :sad:

  6. *continues*


    Omg, it's so annoying when someone doesn't understand that you don't like them *rolleyes* you'll just have to tell him explicitly one day that he should definately f*ck off. And if he continues bothering you after that, then he's stupid! :naughty: and for the crush, well, there're lots of fish in the sea, as the people say :huglove:


    As for me, well, I found a wonderful boyfriend recently, I met him when I didn't expect it to happen at all, but we really like each other and we spend like every minute together :wub2: I must say that he's kinda guilty for me not studying nicely for literature exam :naughty:


    Love ya xxxxxx

  7. Oh, I had two of them - german language and german literature - I passed the first one, but failed the literature :sad: it was just too hard, too many books, writers, periods and ages to remember and I didn't study regularly,so...naaah, I'll do it better next time, I hope!


    Thanx, I will :huglove: nah, don't have any particular plans really, just enjoying the sun and partying :aah: yeah, it's really warm in here too during the day but after the sunset it's really cold again! :sad:


    I'm glad you like your job :huglove: oooooh, One Republic, they're so awesome! :wub2: I'm going to Jamiroquai in July, I just need to earn money for the ticket :) but I'm going to give private classes of German to schoolkids, so I guess I'll make it till July!


    Oh, yeah, the wonderful time of holidays :biggrin2: are you going to spend your Easter somehow special or in the family circle? :) I'm going to spend it with my family.

  8. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABE, omg, sorry for not keeping in touch for so long! :huglove: I missed my conversations with ya :huglove: I was SO busy with my exams, but I did them well at last and now I have a mini vacation until the beginning of May! :pinkbow:


    How are youuuuuuuu, how's everything going? Are you still at the job you told me about month ago? And how about that crush of yours and his girlfriend? :naughty: damn it facebook for giving us informations we don't wanna know! :aah:


    Love ya so much sweety, write soon! :huglove:

  9. Hey! :huglove: yeah, it's been long, I've had my exams period :sad: but it's finally over now, I did them well and I'm free now until the beginning of May! :pinkbow:


    How are you doing? Everything ok in school? :huglove:

  10. Haha, people here in my country enter University of Economics when they don't know what should they study...because in my country almost everybody studies in uni, it's somehow normal thing after you finish high school. That's why every dumbest fool has a diploma...sad but true :sad:


    Well, it would be fun if the professors weren't so boring :hair: German is cool, but German medieval literature is SO uninteresting...all those nights and fairy ladies and masters and crusades...such stupid sh*t :hair:


    Oh yeah, well, that's true :aah: I'm having soon two very hard exams and I'm supposed to study but noooo, all I do is hang out online and trying to get some guys :aah: so I completely understand :naughty:

  11. Omg, no offense, but I could never study that :biggrin: just not interested in economics :wink2: I study German language, literature and culture at Philological University :biggrin2:


    Ooooh, that song isn't helpful at all! :sad: it's the only song that can make me cry :sad: well, you shouldn't keep him out of your head, it's nice to dream :wink2:

  12. Yeah, it'll probably be like that anw. I'm just bitching and moaning because I feel easier that way Now I feel sleepy, but calm. Sunday time
  13. I. Want. New. Clothes. Must. Stop. Spending. Money.
  14. Oh, same here...doing some uni business and fantasizing about someone I can't have :wub2::naughty:

    So what do you study? :wink2:

  15. Haha, ok, I've got it right, don't worry :thumb_yello: and thanx for the compliment! :) even if you were gay, I wouldn't be upset about it. It's not like you'll come from another continent and rape me :aah::roftl:


    So, what's up? :wink2: btw I'm Nicky, nice to meet you :biggrin2::bye:

  16. Ah, so :aah::naughty: I did gymnastic when I was a kid, but I quit it :sad: maybe I wouldn't be so fat today if I continued doing it :aah:


    Of course it's boring! :sad: german medieval literature especially is :hair:

  17. Your show? :boing:

    Naaah, it's not something special. Actually, I'm supposed to study today...so the morning when I'm drinking coffee is the best part of the day :hair:

  18. I'm fine, spending this morning with fresh coffee and I'm still in my pajamas :aah:

    And how are you? :)

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