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  1. the press is well aware where Mika lives, and there are enough hints to find his place on the net. As a stalker I guess you'd find out without to much trouble but I agree, it's not necessary to try ones luck that way anyway, the pictures clearly show that 'picking up Mika for dinner' was a staged event. Ms Gaga had to be hauled up the stairs to his front door because her boots might be made for walking, but sure NOT for climbing stairs. It seems even her tights got wrecked during this stunt in front of the cameras. Why would she do something ridiculous like that if not for posing in front of Mika's door? She could just as well have sent her driver to ring without risking some broken bones. And who knows whether Mika was happy about that or not?
  2. just now I'm most fascinated by Toy Boy, but this is partly due to the fact that the sound quality from the video footage can't really do the other songs justice (no offense meant! it's not the fault of any of you who filmed, it's just for technical reasons). Just as Mika said, Toy Boy is wonderfully suited for acoustic gigs, very clear and easy to understand (acoustically). Its perfect comedy, enables him to sit at the piano and still play with the audience. All the Oh's and Ah's and the laughs from the audience show how well it works as a story-telling song, he makes you see pictures (innocent and not so innocent ones) while he's leading you through the scenes, making sure that you don't drift off too far by adding a new twist every few lines. In a way this song does not only tell the story of a 'wonderful plaything', the song itself actually IS a wonderful plaything. Well done I'm looking forward to Mika's drawings of Toy Boy, he'll be a wonderful add to the world of 'Mika charakters', hand in hand with Lollipop Girl, Billy Brown and the rest of the lot
  3. hi everybody! I'm from germany and a fan of Mika's music ever since I woke up one morning in early 2007 to 'Grace Kelly' and thought: 1. whohoo! and 2. who the heck is Mika?? I'm still playing his songs and am (not so) patiently waiting for the new album, so I thought I could sign up to MFC just as well cu on the forums ps: I know my english is funny! Have a good laugh, I don't mind
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