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  1. Guessing nobody uses this anymore why nothing's beautiful

  2. could someone please delete account. ive tryed doing it b4 but see how to do it. thanks.
  3. 4 days thats not 100 years so please dont smack me :P that would be cool yeah pm me the number! be good to meet up and have a chat , just watched mika on popstar to operastar. I loved it! Loved what he was wearing too!

    Not too long now! Only like 22 days woooo!!!xxx

  4. :shun:











  5. Hey hey, ur welcome ... Kisses from Croatia!!!!

  6. I officially rate you my No. 1 stalker :naughty:





  7. stalking :mf_rosetinted:






    btw....... 'p**nhub'


    yes been staking ur facebook aswell :naughty:



    not long now :mf_lustslow::mf_lustslow:


    cant wait its going to be a great day.... woop woop :naughty:


    will pm u my number so u can text me, to let me know where about u are on the day :mf_lustslow:


    hahahahaha yeah i will smack ya alright :teehee:


    yeah ive been great ta.. u? dont take a 100 years to reply or i will do more then smack ya :mf_rosetinted:

  9. thank u 4 the friendship :P

  10. Katie!! late reply on my behalf! feel free to smack me :P how are you? not long till hammersmith now! Drinks on me sounds okay i guess lol i'll get you one anyway hehe.

    Hows life?


  11. What's that RIP KT4MIKA? Got to go; husband's caughing in his sleep:sneaky2:

  12. and you lovely did you have a nice time? :mf_lustslow:

  13. I wish you a happy new year and all the best for 2010 ;):teehee: