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  1. Amberlie

    The Chinese thread

    嘿嘿~ 好久没来了~ 前段时间忙我的论文去了~ 终于把初稿给交上去了~ 呼呼~~ PS,我也喜欢lily allen的歌~
  2. Haha


    my friend haha



  3. Amberlie

    Crazy Curls :D

    I have to say this one is really cute... love it
  4. Amberlie

    The Chinese thread

    哈哈~ 我才加入不久~ 不知道还有个Chinese thread呢~ 原谅我英语不太好哈呵呵~~ 最近才喜欢上mika 的~ 超级喜欢他飚假声~ 看了前面一点点的讨论,觉得我们这个帖子真的很有好温馨哦~嘻嘻 以后一定常来哈哈
  5. Hi Karla,it's nice to be friends:p

    OO Peace

  6. Amberlie

    Hello,I'm a new member

    haha! Thanks! I'm coming right over! 好高兴啊 哈哈哈 还有中文的专帖啊~~
  7. hello


    benvenuta to MFC :naughty:


    UN BACIONE:biggrin2:

  8. Amberlie

    Hello,I'm a new member

    thanks! It's so nice to be welcomed!
  9. Amberlie

    Hello,I'm a new member

    Thank you,Queenie. Woo~ You speak fluent Chinese! It feel so good to hear you say that.
  10. Amberlie

    Calling all newbies!

    Hi,I'm a new babe here. At first I felt pretty lost and don't know how to fit myself in. I guess partly because my english is not good enough But now I feel better. I find the FAQ are really useful. Anyway,I enjoy being part of the MFC.
  11. Amberlie

    Hello,I'm a new member

    Thank you Sienna
  12. Amberlie

    Hello,I'm a new member

    Thanks Jemmalee, I think this is like a big family. I really enjoy myself here. It's a lot of fun!
  13. Amberlie

    Hello,I'm a new member

    hi Wendi,it's so nice of you to give me the link. I really appreciate it.
  14. Amberlie

    Hello,I'm a new member

    Hello Louise-Malene,thanks for your kind words