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  1. Sent donation for flowers. Thanks for organising Debs. Have fun at the party everyone.
  2. We will be in London late afternoon, hoping to eat somewhere, and then pop in if time allows. Hope to see some familiar faces.
  3. I'm not wearing a dress - not staying over so will have to wear the same thing all day/night - hope we don't let the side down!
  4. Hi, have a safe journey, look forward to seeing you again.
  5. I like it alot. I actually think Ida's voice fits perfectly with Mika's on this one and they compliment each other (much more so than HE - much prefer Imma on that).
  6. Gosh, you all had a treat. The stage and costumes looked fantastic & 3 new songs as well - wish I could have been there.
  7. How lovely to see this letter and the good news it contains. Thanks for posting Deb. Thank you Paloma for taking the time to write and best wishes for your continued recovery.
  8. Hi Kath Just seen this thread, and would love to attend if poss. Please can you mark me 'interested'. Hope you are OK
  9. Thank you so much for sharing. To watch this video gives me goosebumps and a big smile - it must have been amazing.
  10. Really, omg I'm so pleased for you
  11. "Nothing and no-one can make your lies the truth" - so true "This ordinary mind is broken, you did it and you don't even know" - love the way he captures the melody just with his voice on this line.
  12. I'm curious also, as someone backstage even took a piccie of Martin with said toy They seemed to be having a lot of fun though.
  13. Here it is. Missed the actual 'picking up' moment but captured most of the surrounding. Had to compromise the quality to get it on, with help from kpwxx - what a palava for an oldling! Hope you enjoy
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