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  1. i cant follow you on twitter, sent a request ;) but following mo and emma. xxxx


    love you loads. xxxxx

  2. fu*k missed ya by 30mins!!!!! u sexgod. looking forward to the curry in the week. mmmmmmm can feel u, i mean it now :roftl::mf_lustslow: more ways then one :thumb_yello:


    also im going you pissed saturday so i can have my way with youuuuu :teehee:

  3. i got my outfit!!!! hahahahahaaaaaaaa slag is the word!!!!! hahahahahaaaaaaa love you loads xxxxxx

  4. hi ya hun, miss ya, see ya saturday

  5. i can fit in your case, you wont even know im there.
  6. we going mika february yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    bring on mika, me you kate and yve ......

  7. the 4 of us and mika, its a date. and will be a hell of a day to remember.
  8. Ok hun i understand, shame i really need see ya, miss ya loads.

    I know what its like i had it for 9 days, hope you feel better later.

    need to get better for saturday, we going out to romford pub, ask yve she want to come, pauline coming.

    love ya


  9. :naughty: i wana lick his head :teehee:


    i will ring you coz i dint think u should come round this week im ssooooo ill!!! really dont want you to get it :aah: but should be fine 4 saturdays piss up :naughty:


    .......... i wana cuddle :shocked::(

  10. you would sexy,... im listening to the god now, no kids full blast. HEAVEN

  11. hello you are here!!!!