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  1. Ps. You profile pic is hilarious, I could look at it all day... *stares for eternity*

    1. kreacher


      Ikr, its just so aderpable!

    2. RainbowGirl


      I'm sure I make that face a lot more than I realise....

  2. Happy Birthday Dee!!! xxxx

  3. :blink: MFC told me you were 18.... :blink:


    ah well, hope you had a great day :biggrin2::huglove:

  4. HAPPY 18TH YOU LOVELY LOVELY PERSON!!! :partytime2::huglove::wub2:

  5. Thank you!!! :huglove: And omg that cupcake is AMAZING! :shocked::teehee:

  6. Happy Birthday! :partytime2::huglove:

  7. Happy Birthday! :boing::partytime2::huglove:

  8. Happy Birthday!!! :partytime2::huglove:

  9. Happy 21st Birthday!!! Have a wonderful day! :partytime2::huglove:

  10. Happy Birthday!!! :partytime2::huglove:

  11. Happy Birthday!!! :partytime2::huglove::flowers2:

  12. :teehee: I'm good! Ohhh! Is that you finished after this then? YES!!! I have been checking chat for the last few nights and either no one's in or I keep missing them :sad::huglove:
  13. Happy Birthday!!! :partytime2::huglove:

  14. Girly where are you? I MISS YOOUUUUUUUU!!! :sad::tears::huglove:

  15. Happy Birthday!!! :huglove::partytime2:

  16. Happy Birthday!!! :partytime2::huglove:

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