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  1. Hi! I am looking for one standing ticket for London tomorrow, friend couldn't get one beforehand! Please PM or reply to this post or email k.a.davie@hotmail.co.uk and I'll keep an eye on this post
  2. I'm going!!! Very excited!!! 😍😁💃 Also, hello again everyone! Genuinely can't remember how to use this website anymore 😂❤️
  3. I'm trying to work out a way to compile my thoughts... i just saw Miri's post on Facebook about the fundraising page above and I was sent into such a state of shock and denial. I never met Freddie at a Mika gig (he was mainly Freddie to me, though I did have moments of Fravid and such combinations in my mind ) though I did see him at my first ever one in Newcastle but I was too shy to say hello! But we did meet at two Erika gigs, the first in our native North East where he and Erika collaborated to try and get me home from Middlesbrough at 2am after one of her gigs. He kindly
  4. This looks so good! I'm moving to London soon so I'm tempted to make something like this for my new space.... I actually have some modelling clay lying around... hmm... now that's an idea...
  5. I love this thread! You're making me wanna make things! For a 2010 show I made a rocket necklace for Mika out of felt, but I don't have any pics around to show you... I found you! Looks so good! I love pointe shoes and ballet in general
  6. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone, you all made last Sunday such a spectacular night. One of the best I've ever had. Thank you for sending the flowers to Mika (I'm not sure who did that but THANK YOU!) on behalf of MFC and thanks to Deb for organising the pre-gig meet up and for remembering me Love to all, whether I know you or not, I'm so thankful to be part of this wonderful and joyous place
  7. I agree, to come back on stage to an audience of hearts would be rather spectacular Though the Hurts idea is also good
  8. I meant his name in the credits not the photo! Didn't really make that clear sorry... ???
  9. I was going to see Star Wars again but they had Zoolander on so it was pure chance, I didn't know there were previews but I worked it out. I was the only person in the cinema too I didn't! I waited till the credits though where I saw him near the end. I guessed during the film he had been cut. Probably not. The amount of comedians or actors here who have told stories of where they thought they were in a film even for a line then they found out when they went to see it that it was cut is quite common. Look up comedian Jack Whitehall who was supposed to have a line in Froze
  10. I came on to say that he's credited but not in the film but it seems like you already know only thing i can think is that they decided the scene was either not relevant enough and they were running over time or that they decide to keep the bigger stars who more people would 'know' as it were... I'm hoping that they keep it for like dvd deleted scenes
  11. Ah! I just heard Mel. Considering I spent the first two years of Melachi's life pronouncing her name very wrong I really shouldn't be one to talk Lovely doc though, looking forward to the subtitles (when the team have time of course!)
  12. I was going to get a Pride flag and stitch 'Love does what it wants' or the french translation 'l'amour fait ce qu'il veut' onto it to hold up during No Place In Heaven (i would assume he would sing it) for next time i saw him but i thought he might've done more UK dates so I don't know whether to do it for London...
  13. If you know where the shop Liberty off Oxford Street is then it's basically opposite there I don't know if it's a viable option but there's the pub we went to for the after party after the Swatch signing? (though if i remember correctly that was booked by Mika not MFC) If there was enough people perhaps we could reserve the basement? but as you said, nearer the time and my ticket arrived though now I'm paranoid I'm gonna lose it before June
  14. I got Row N, Number 27 If anyone is sitting close please let me know cos I'll be on my own Also does anyone know if there will be another meet up or will it be decided closer to the time? I missed the last one and would love a chance to see everyone properly!
  15. The Big Black Wolf from the Lollipop video? Love that wolf
  16. I didn't know this was already a song but I really like this version. It explains why I thought it had a 70s vibe, and it reminded me of David Bowie a bit. yeah, i ike it... but i couldn't tell you why
  17. Hi, can someone just clear something up for me? Is the version available on mikasounds.com the french version? Or is that an English version? Already ruled out Italian cos I can get Center of Gravity from itunes... Basically I want the best versions of the songs (haven't heard beautiful disaster) and dunno if I'm going for a differnet one to something that everyone's talked about... Thanks!
  18. No of course not! Wonderful to see you, you kept me getting up and dancing! Rosie and I thought we saw Mika's brother arrive but after the show I ended up talking to a guy who looked almost exactly like him so I thought maybe we'd seen him enter instead! The Fortune-looking guy I made friends with (as above!) said the same thing! He was also jealous of the people in the stalls In the Le Divan interview (so thankful for translators on here!) there is mentioned of a 'title in English' so I would've assumed it would be published in English???
  19. Hello! I remember your t shirt from when i came in! Glad you had a great time! I think you were sitting in front of me! I was next to Rosie in the Dodgy Holiday t shirt Wonderful to see so many people!
  20. So upset I couldn't make it to the party but I'm glad you all had a wonderful time and I saw many faces I knew at the Theatre!
  21. I have to say that I adore your signature Aww thank you! It is rather good isn't it And I am going to Northern Pride a week on Saturday! Gonna have a great time!
  22. Ps. You profile pic is hilarious, I could look at it all day... *stares for eternity*

    1. kreacher


      Ikr, its just so aderpable!

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      I'm sure I make that face a lot more than I realise....

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