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  1. Ticket_Fairy

    The Voice 6 [ PART 2 ] France 2017

    Bonjour once more, Mika Fan Club! Mika and his team have again been able to get for the MFC two tickets (one pair) to the live show of The Voice on 3rd June in Paris! For details on how to enter, visit the thread in MEMBERS EXCLUSIVES!
  2. Your Ticket Fairy has stopped by with a pair of tickets to give away for this festival too! Entry Deadline: 16th May at 6 p.m. (18.00) Details HERE! Good luck!
  3. Anyone still need a ticket for Bari? Your Ticket Fairy has a pair she's giving away to one lucky MFCer! http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/32497-win-tickets-to-see-mika-in-bari-7-march-2016/?p=4049637
  4. Ticket_Fairy

    The extra ticket thread

    Do you still need tickets for the show in Toulouse this Sunday, 11 October? Your Ticket Fairy is giving away tickets! but you must act quickly! Details here: http://www.mikafanclub.com/index.php/_/mika-news/super-flash-win-tickets-to-see-mika-in-to-r55
  5. Ticket_Fairy

    MIKA @ Le Phare Toulouse 11th October 2015

    Are you still looking for tickets for this show? MFC has two pairs to give away! But you must enter immediately! Details here: http://www.mikafanclub.com/index.php/_/mika-news/super-flash-win-tickets-to-see-mika-in-to-r55
  6. If anyone still needs tickets to this show, your Ticket Fairy has stopped by with a pair to give away: http://www.mikafanclub.com/index.php/_/mika-news/another-flash-competition-win-tickets-to-s-r54
  7. Ticket_Fairy

    The extra ticket thread

    If anyone is still looking for tickets to Amsterdam on 22nd September, we are giving away a pair! Details on the front page HERE.
  8. Hellloooo! If anyone still needs tickets to the Amsterdam show, we are giving a pair away now! Details on the front page HERE.
  9. Your Ticket Fairy stopping by with a contest to win a pair of tickets http://www.mikafanclub.com/index.php/_/mika-news/win-tickets-to-see-mika-at-the-summer-sound-fes-r40 Anyone?
  10. FLASH COMPETITION: Two pairs of tickets to this festival. Entry deadline 20:00 TODAY! Details here: http://www.mikafanclub.com/index.php/_/mika-news/win-tickets-to-see-mika-at-the-arenal-sound-fes-r38 FLASH CONCURSO: Gana entradas para vermikasounds en Arenal Sound Festival! Fecha límite 20:00 hora española! http://www.mikafanclub.com/index.php/_/mika-news/win-tickets-to-see-mika-at-the-arenal-sound-fes-r38
  11. Hello, beloved MFC! For anyone who hasn't gotten tickets to this festival yet, we are giving a pair away here on MFC now! http://www.mikafanclub.com/topic/32002-win-tickets-to-see-mika-at-jardins-de-pedralbes-in-barcelona/ Good Luck!
  12. Ticket_Fairy

    MIKA @ Seoul Jazz Festival - 24 May 2015

    We're giving away a pair of one-day tickets to this festival HERE! Hurry and enter!
  13. Ticket_Fairy

    Chances to win!!!

    Dear MFC, Your Ticket Fairy has just opened another competition -- for a pair of tickets to the Seoul Jazz Festival on 24 May! http://www.mikafanclub.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4073028#post4073028
  14. Ticket_Fairy

    Chances to win!!!

    Helloooo beloved Mika Fan Club! Your Ticket Fairy has flown in with tickets to two of Mika's upcoming shows! Have you heard yet? And we assure you, your Fairy will be stopping by a few more times before this festival season has passed! You'll find both of these chances to win in the MFC's "Members Exclusives" section, so you must be a registered member to view the details, and to participate in the giveaways. You have a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Mika perform in Tokyo on 26 May HERE! And you have a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Mika perform in Nyon, Switzerland at the Caribana Festival on 7 June HERE! Registration to the MFC is free and easy, so why not join us now?! And watch for more MIKA news and ticket giveaways coming soon!
  15. Ticket_Fairy

    Mika @ TOKYO, Shinkiba STUDIO COAST - 26 May 2015

    Dear MFC, Need tickets to this show? Be sure to visit the Members Exclusives thread for a chance to win a pair! Signed, Your Ticket Fairy X