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  1. Mika and Ida cooking at Mika's Tuscany place before the Andrea Bocelli concert at The Teatro del Silenzio.
  2. Team SPOTLIGHT shares a Grace Kelly video.
  3. 2019 February Cooking with Marco Baumann
  4. 2008 a cooking scene from the DVD Cooking_@Making of PDP 2008.mp4 Documentary : Making Of The Parc Des Princes Show
  5. I didn't know that France3 have broadcast "La Vie Secrète des Chansons" an episode in August in 2019. "Relax, Take It Easy" (Francofolies 2008)
  6. Benedetta Piccioli IG stories https://www.instagram.com/stories/bennipiccioli/ Could anyone translate in English please ? 91929624_251640152681331_1609162093117606632_n.mp4
  7. 2019 it's taken by François Roelants for Paris Match. La cuisine est une passion familiale. Pendant des heures, Mika et ses sœurs concoctent des plats méditerranéens Cooking is a family passion. For hours, Mika and her sisters concoct Mediterranean dishes
  8. mikainstagram I want to apologize for the recent radio silence. This past week has been turbulent for my family as it has been for so many others around the world. Multiple members of my immediate family, all of them in Paris, came down with symptoms of COVID-19. On Sunday afternoon however, just as I was about to go live on air on Italy’s RAI UNO, my mother was sent by ambulance to urgent care. I was forced to abandon the broadcast and help my younger brother and sister from a distance. My mother has been battling an aggressive brain cancer, for this reason among others, as the days went by and her condition worsened, we were told to prepare for the worst. We sat at home, each one of us separated, unable to contact her or speak to her, just like so many of you in similar situations right now. Yesterday, by some miracle, we were informed that she is stabilizing. I feel so incredibly grateful to be able to write this message, and such enormous gratitude for those healthcare workers fighting this virus on the front line. We are taking it a day at a time, and we are far from out of the woods. My heart goes out to any one affected by this terrible virus. Not being able to speak or see those you love as they are suffering and fighting is heartbreaking, and I want to express my deepest of sympathies to those who are currently in the same situation and worse, those who have lost someone they love. From my family and I, we send you our love and compassion. Those are two things we will need to hold on to with all our might, to get through the coming weeks. Photo by @francois.roelants used by kind permission. Je tenais à m’excuser de mon silence-radio de ces derniers jours . Cette semaine a été agitée pour ma famille comme pour tant d’autres à travers le monde. Mes proches, tous installés à Paris, ont présenté des symptômes du COVID-19. Dimanche dernier, au moment où j’allais participer en direct à une émission de la Rai UNO en Italie, ma mère a été transportée en urgence en ambulance à l’hôpital. J’ai été contraint de faire faux-bond à l’émission pour aider à distance mon jeune frère et l’une de mes sœurs. Ma mère lutte depuis de longs mois contre un cancer du cerveau très agressif, c’est l’une des raisons pour lesquelles, au fil de la semaine son état a empiré et qu’on nous a demandé de nous préparer au pire . Chacun d’entre nous s’est assis, seul, chez soi, tous séparés, dans l’impossibilité de la joindre et de parler avec elle... comme tellement d’entre vous aujourd’hui dans des situations similaires . Hier, par miracle, nous avons été informés que son état se stabilisait. Je me sens incroyablement reconnaissant d’être en capacité d’écrire ces mots, et j’éprouve une immense gratitude envers ces soignants en première ligne qui se battent contre ce virus. Nous ne nous projetons pas, nous vivons chaque jour l’un après l’autre, nous ne sommes pas tirés d’affaire ... Ce soir toute mon affection va aux personnes touchées par ce terrible virus. Ne pas pouvoir parler ou voir ceux que vous aimez pendant qu’ils souffrent et se battent est déchirant, alors je veux exprimer mes sentiments les plus chaleureux à ceux qui sont dans cette même situation, ou pire qui ont perdu quelqu’un qu’ils aimaient. Avec ma famille, nous vous adressons notre amour et notre compassion. Deux sentiments dont nous aurons tellement besoin pour traverser les semaines à venir. Voglio scusarmi per il mio recente silenzio. La scorsa settimana è stata una settimana turbolenta per la mia famiglia, così come è stata per tante altre famiglie in tutto il mondo. Diverse persone che fanno parte della mia famiglia, tutte quante a Parigi, hanno manifestato sintomi del COVID-19. Domenica pomeriggio, proprio mentre stavo per andare in onda in Italia su RAI UNO in collegamento da casa, mia madre è stata portata via in ambulanza d’urgenza. Ho dovuto lasciare la diretta e aiutare mio fratello e mia sorella minori da lontano. Mia madre sta da tempo combattendo contro un cancro al cervello molto aggressivo, e per questo motivo insieme agli altri, mentre i giorni passavano e la sua condizione peggiorava ci è stato detto di prepararci al peggio. Ci siamo messi seduti a casa, ognuno a casa propria, ognuno separato dall’altro, impossibilitati a contattarla o a parlare con lei, così come tanti di voi in situazioni simili in questo momento. Ieri, grazie a qualche miracolo, siamo stati informati che la sua situazione si sta stabilizzando. Mi sento incredibilmente grato di potere scrivere oggi queste righe, e ho una gratitudine davvero smisurata per tutte le persone che lavorano nella sanità e combattono questo virus in prima linea. Stiamo affrontando questa situazione un giorno alla volta, e siamo lontani dal poter dire di essere fuori pericolo. Il mio cuore è con tutte le persone colpite da questo terribile virus. Non potere parlare o vedere le persone che ami, mentre queste soffrono e lottano contro il male, è una cosa che spezza il cuore, e voglio esprimere veramente la mia vicinanza più profonda alle persone che sono adesso in questa stessa situazione o che, cosa ancora peggiore, hanno perso una persona che amano. Da parte mia e della mia famiglia, mandiamo tutto il nostro amore e la nostra compassione. Sono queste le due cose a cui abbiamo bisogno di aggrapparci con tutte le nostre forze, per affrontare le prossime settimane. FACEBOOK link
  9. 2015 Les Francos Gourmandes - Tournus France Thanks a lot for posting @Mikasister The original photo is posted by Mika himself. mikainstagram You know IT. Chef Mika. (In my dreams) MERCI BRAGARD Anche se ancora non sono andato in vacanza, non potrei stare meglio, a casa con i miei cani, ascoltando musica e cucinando(male ma va benne😏 Interview videos at Les Francos Gourmandes - Tournus France MFC concert report thread France 3 Bourgogne Exclusivité : l'interview de Mika aux Francos Gourmandes http://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/bourgogne/2015/06/14/exclusivite-l-interview-de-mika-aux-francos-gourmandes-746857.html
  10. https://www.music-news.com/news/UK/130338/Lewis-Capaldi-shared-seven-unreleased-songs-with-fans-during-an-Instagram-Live Lewis Capaldi shared seven unreleased songs with fans during an Instagram Live The Scottish singer confessed that he didn't know whether he was allowed to play the tracks, which didn't make it onto his chart-topping debut LP, 'Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent', but went ahead anyway airing them during his streaming session at the weekend. Lewis told his followers that the first song was only half-finished and that it was written right before they came up with his biggest hit, 'Someone You Loved'. On the first track he played, he said: "This is a song that's never been heard before from me. We did this on the same day we did Someone You Loved. "Am I allowed to do this? I think so. I'll just f***ing play it any way. "We wrote this song first -- it's half-finished, so the words are all over the shop and stuff. "And then we decided to stop writing this song and instead write Someone You Loved." One of the songs was the record's title track, which he co-wrote with 'Grace Kelly' hitmaker Mika. He belts: "Broken by desire to be heavenly sent, divinely uninspired to a hellish extent. "Looking for reconciliation with the years that I lost. Will I still feel the same?" The 'Before You Go' singer also entertained his fans by performing his own twist on Rita Ora's 'How To Be Lonely', which he co-wrote, swapping the lyrics to slam the crazy toilet roll hoarders who have been panic buying during the coronavirus pandemic, but he began with a serious message about spreading "kindness" in these unsettling times. He sang: "We're all allowed -- there's peace and harmony together. "Although we're in our homes we're actually closer than ever. "It's important that we spend time and treat each other with kindness, cause what a sad time it is. "So we better treat each other with kindness. Unless you bought extra toilet paper. you f***ing c***, unless you bought extra toilet paper you c***, "I'm better than you because I never bought extra toilet paper. Here it is
  11. I don't think so, absolutely these IG stories were posted Mika himself.
  12. 2019 mikainstagram IG stories Mika puts one paragrahp in a square. "There can be the same adventure in cookery, explorations of a milder and more healthful sort. Preparing a worthy dish is like painting a fine portrait, composing a nocturne or setting down a sonnet. There is constant chance of putting something individual into the deed, letting the chef dominate the receipt. The herb shelf is a three-manual pipe organ, the sauce cabinet is pallet of varied colour, a simple black pepper handmill can be an unpurchasable violin of overtone. No reader should be too bound by the written word. Take the essentials, then set sail on private adventure of amateur cookery common to no one. With a very littele experience we can vary any receipt this way or that, to reflect our own personality taste, or climate." from Knife, Fork and Spoon: Eating Around the World by Charles H. Baker Jr.
  13. 2019 Interview Il Fatto Quotidiano Interview, 20 Oct 2019 You cook? A lot: in life I dedicate myself to the stove, music and drawing; since I was sixteen, if I enter a restaurant, the first thing I ask is to visit the kitchens: if a chef refuses it means that he has something to hide. How's it going with Italian cuisine? I have Fabio Picchi (Del Cibreo from Florence) who sends me instructions via sms, and sometimes they take challenges: we cook in parallel, and in the end we check who has been better. It is its relief valve. Those who know me run away as soon as I place myself in the kitchen: in the kitchen I become horrendous, a despot, a real asshole. Luca Barbarossa, at the restaurant, sends back the dishes that do not convince him. My grandmother too, but before protesting with the waiter she ate almost everything, left just a few bites, then raised her hand and pretended not to pay; I was ashamed, but she always won. Fabio Picchi (Del Cibreo from Florence) Mika shares Fabio Picchi's cake via IG stories twice !! 2018 September 2019 July Del Cibreo https://www.cibreo.com/en/cibleo-en/ tripadviser Reviews-Cibreo_Ristorante-Florence_Tuscany
  14. Tu Style 31 Mar 2020 pressreader https://pressreader.com/article/282918092560286 CHE FAME, ANDIAMO SU INSTAGRAM Recluso ad Atene, Mika lancia via IG #CookingWithMika. Si cucina, si ascolta musica e si parlano tre lingue: italiano, francese, inglese. Quando? Scoprilo sul suo profilo. Gli chef di Italia Keeps on Cooking, invece, propongono videoricette facili da fare a casa e mettono in vendita i grembiuli “griffati”: una campagna benefica a favore dell’ospedale Sacco di Milano. page 69
  15. 2019 11th July Mika cooks Barbecue at his Tuscany place.
  16. 2015 Marminton Mika et la cuisine Mika talks about cooking in this interview, mentions an American chef Charlie_Trotter
  17. 2016 Casa Mika Mika cooks Tomato Salad for Monica Belucci !
  18. 2016 Les Mondes de Mika - Envoyé Spécial Mika cooks Pumpkin soup at his place in London. PUMPKIN_Les Mondes de Mika - Reportage Envoyé Spécial.mp4 Original video
  19. 2015 21st February « 50 mn Inside » – Mika, escapade à Montréal Mika cooks chateaubriand steak at Garou's restaurant in Montreal. VIDEO links VK https://vk.com/video232312753_171153928 Translation in English by @crazyaboutmika This is an exclusivity: Mika invited us to follow him backstage in a big magic and philarmonic concert in Montreal. Meanwhile preparing his album to be released in spring and also being each week a very dedicated judge in The Voice at the same time, discover intimate Mika. Montreal in Quebec last week, temperature is around minus 15 degrees centigrades, in the symphonic orchestra building , the musicians are getting their intruments ready to play together, they are waiting for their guest , who will sing with them for the very first time tonight. Mika: "I'm late". Already late!" Mika has already spent several days in Montreal rehearsing with the 105 musicians of the orchestra . He is going to give three exceptional concerts in this concert hall that can hold an audience of 2000 people , one of the most well known in the world. Time has come for the very last rehearsals. Mika and Simon Leclerc, the conductor, made together arrangements of his songs,so the orchestra could play them. Singing here is a true challenge, the building leaves no room for errors, Mika:"The acoustician (he also took care of a similar place in Tokyo) which means a finger snap on stage can be heard to the furthest part of the room by the security exit and "the paradise" (higher parts of the room). It's amazing! It's fabulous!" A new challenge for Mika, this singer with so many facets, we follow him now in Montreal. A few hours before his concerts, Mika is taking a Montreal tour. Mika: "I can't see you because there's an animal trying to get into my mouth as I'm talking to you. It's fake fur of course. " Montreal is a town the singer knows well. He came to Montreal seven years ago and has been returning regularly since then in order to sing on stage or record albums, but tonight's event started out a bit by chance. A year and a half ago, one of Mika's Canadian friends who is a journalist suggested this idea to him after a concert. She told me: "I saw you playing piano, why don't you do something totally classic, with a symphony?" and I said : "Yes, why not, some day, yes" and I asked her if she knew someone at the symphony and she said:"no", so I asked her how she would get in touch with them and she said she would find them in the yellow pages, and that's exactly what she did. Then four months later she called me and said they agreed to the project and now here we are. On this particular day Mika takes some time to go high to be able to enjoy a view of Montreal. It's the first time he sees Montreal under the snow from so high. Mika: "Nice view, it's not bad, it's so flat!" Mika lives in London. Before his stay in to Montreal, he was in Los Angeles to get his new album ready, then he's off to New York and after that to Paris for The Voice , and he will soon tour all around the world for new concerts. Mika is 31 and he is a true nomad. Mika: "I'm a bit like a gypsy. In a way I don't mind but that's because I travel a lot but with my friends and my family. I have this priviledge to feel at home everywhere I am. So right now I don't mind. But I don't have any children, so my life isn't traditional in that way at home, so for now it gives me freedom, but if it changes some day, well it will change, but now it's going well. " The singer wants to visit a special place he heard a lot about. Mika: "We are going to Garou's" Garou is one of the owners of this inn, which was opened in 1754 , so one of the oldest of North America. After being totally refurbished it has become one of the most famous restaurants in Montreal. Garou is not there on that day, but the chief Emily Rizeto invites Mika to follow her into the kitchen. Mika:"Good evening." Mika: "Do I cook? Yes I love cooking?" Chief: "Yeah! Can you cook anything?" Mika: "Yes! Anything!" Chief:"So I'm gonna make you work a bit!" Mika:" Yeah!" Chief; "Here we go!" Mika is going to help the chief cook his lunch (Chateaubriand -big slice of beef-with a mix of vegetables) Mika:"The surgeon gloves are not very sexy! Am I doing this well?" Chief: "Yeah!" Mika: "Those are big slices aren't they?" Chief: "The red one is for meat." Mika:"If someone had told me I was going to cook in Garou's restaurant....he's in Paris and he's watching me from there! " Mika: "Done! This is how to do it." Chief: "It's delicious!" MIKA:"In Italian!" But good food is not the only asset of this place. On the top floor, a stange place is hidden, at the end of these steep and dark stairs. Mika:"It's like in an old western! Do we continue?" Mika: "Waoh!" An attic filled with old pianos! Mika:"This one is not in a good shape!" Mika:"That's so cool! What a good idea! The pianos cementery! The piano, Mika's good luck instrument. It is with a piano that he discovered music. Michael Hollbrook Penniman started playing the piano as a chid when he was six in Paris where he lives with his family. By a twist of fate this particular piano will follow him in London when the family has to move very fast there when Mika is ten. Mika:" We had to leave Paris in very difficult circumstances. We had lost everything. One of the only things that followed us in the move from Paris to London was that piano because the bailiffs didn't take it because it has no value. And this is the piano on which I composed almost all of my first and second albums." Today, the little boy who played the piano has become a singer and a star with ten million albums sold. A star who is about to take a big risk tonight by singing on one of the most well known concert hall in the world. 2000 people came to listen to him. Mika: "I feel a bit nervous, I feel out of control, I know I can not do a single mistake in this context, there's no security net , if I fall I can't hide , I can't dance, there are no lights, no staging, there's nothing." Tonight it won' t be an extravagant, colorful gig as he's used to , but acoustic music. Mika:"Good evening." And Mika's bet is a total success, this classical orchestra plays his pop music, as for example, his newest single, Boum Boum Boum which tells the story of a couple making love. After an hour and a half of concert, Mika seems reassured. Mika:"It was nice." Journalist: "How do you feel?" Mika: "Electrified." On this particular night the audience was so lucky as they heard four new songs of Mika's coming album which he is currently finishing.
  20. 2007 12th April ON LIVE MILANO Making Pizza Margherita in Milan VK video 2007.04.12 ON LIVE MILANO Part - 1 Part - 2 Part - 3 Part - 4 Part - 5 Part - 6 Part - 7 Part - 8
  21. Welcome to the MFC @Anaïs_ We have concert report threads, could you post something ( reports, photos and videos ) to these threads ? Have fun at here ! 2016 2020
  22. 2019 25th April Mika cooks Chicken Fricassee
  23. @Anaïs_ Welcome to the MFC Please introduce yourself at Introductions Be sure to say your hello and howdy in here first! We love to hear how new Mika fans discovered Mika! Here is the thread NBC [ Late Night with Seth Meyers ] 11 Spt. 2019
  24. 2020 13th January Cooking PIZZA !!