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  1. Hi there! 

    This message to tell you that I'm not gone by choice. I'm just not able to live the life I used to in the past and it's way too hard for me to stay. To be short, my entire body is aching all the time and I'm exhausted all the time too. So, I'm not able to go to any event, gig, The voice, private show, ... It's not by choice, it's because my ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc are in very bad condition (and it's only a part of the situation). I don't want to be too dark, but I just want you to know that I won't be on any show of the tour. I wish you wondefuls moments. I wish you  a great Mika tour and you'll enjoy it a lot. 

    So, see you and have fun, guys, 


  2. Just found this. The old MFC site. So many memories come to me :emot-sad:




  3. Just found this. The old MFC site. So many memories come to me :emot-sad:




  4. I wonder if Mika read my letter from The Voice... 

    I gave the letter to the person who took care of the entries.:mellow:

    1. Kumazzz


      Don't worry, in August 2012 I've sent B-day present via Air Mail.

      He has posted a pic to his IG.


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  5. Eriko, look, I found a lot of beautiful birds for your collection of birds pictures . But be careful, it's a rare species, and protected by  many fans.       😍454.PNG.a9df0ad1212cc61d90888058f0794f2c.PNG456Capture.PNG.d53af432cf0e1a5223c9431d736bd523.PNG603.PNG.c1ad4f049a5107065b857235ab93772e.PNG616.PNG.926dc0d9e52b1f6cc8b957afe1f438ef.PNG

  6. Look what I have received today!! 😍😍😍


  7. Does someone understand what he says ? 

    1. Kumazzz


      “Hi everybody, I’m sorry I can’t be there with you tonight and thanks to Gianluigi for being there, representing me and my whole team. I’m honored to receive this prize from you. Most of all, this work was a collective work, with every author, the whole Rai2 crew and also the crew of the centre of Milan. So, thank you. I had so much fun. We put a lot of our hearts there. I put a lot of my life, of my fantasies, of my dreams in this program. I really found a house for two years. It was really, really beautiful. It was such an intimate and personal thing, in tv, but yes it was very intimate and personal. I’m very happy to receive this prize tonight, for me and also for the whole team. Thank you."

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  8. oh no! i was messing around and i hid one of my posts, now i can't find it. it's hiding too well!

    1. Kumazzz


      Isn't it ?

      ( Posted 4 hours ago · Hidden by kreacher, 4 hours ago - testing something


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  9. io amo MIKA !!

    1. Kumazzz


      Hello Angelo @angelo71 welcome to the MFC :welcomeani:

      Could you post self-introduce to the thread Introductions please?




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  10. Hi,

    I'm Ben, I'm 13 and I've just joined this site. I have two of Mika's albums, Life in Cartoon Motion and The Origin of Love. I like most of Mika's music, and my favourite of his songs are Boum Boum Boum and Hurts.

    1. Kumazzz


      Welcome to the MFC !


      Could you post your self introduction to the thread



      and please read



      Illegal activity is not permitted.


      Sharing copyrighted material - Any Mika-related material that can be purchased through regular channels cannot be posted. This includes all studio recordings, clips from the Live in Cartoon Motion or Parc des Princes DVD, iTunes files, etc. In addition, we ask that demos and studio outtakes not be posted on MFC, as Mika has specifically requested those items not be shared.



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  11. Found these pictures! So adorable :wub2:  I guess it calls siblings goals :lmfao: Judging by the second picture they came from some french magazine but do you know which exactly? Or if there is more of them? :biggrin2:



  12. It took a long time to achieve 1000 members, and I'm alone there as administrator, but still...:toot:Let me celebrate for a moment! :blush-anim-cl:


  13. Girls could you tell me what was inside this card that Mika was moved so much by it?



  14. Today is Dark Angel's birthday. I still remember her. A good Mika fan and very active MFCer and a sweet girl.:tears:



  15. Hello , am I the only fan from Morocco ? 

    1. Kumazzz


      The Moroccan thread is here !

  16. Lucky day, have to  say.

    Seven years ago I joined MFC, best things have come to me.

    And  a good message reached today, get the  new job  start of May.


  17. My test results are negative, I'm fine thank you.

    1. Kumazzz


      Thanks a lot my friends. Next tests will be after a half year.

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  18. My test results are negative, I'm fine thank you.

  19. still no Bercy dvd! its temporarily out of stock on amazon.com now GAAAAAAAH >.< NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOO

    1. Kumazzz


      me too !!!!! waiing waiting so long... :'(


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  20. Totally in love of this

    1. Kumazzz


      Carcassonne is one of best concerts in this summer.

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  21. back from Tokyo, my lab test result is good, thank you.

  22. it's funny how the forum's spell check thinks the word 'Mika' is a misspelling

  23. Hi its mei So Thank you for tell me about fun club

    1. Kumazzz


      お返事 遅れて ごめんなさい。

      今 お昼ご飯作ってるとこなので あとでね!

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