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  1. France 2





    "Chantons ensemble les Francos"


    10th July 2020

    • diffusé le ven. 10.07.20 à 22h59
    • disponible jusqu'au 18.07.20
    • chanson française - 127 min


    La crise sanitaire a contraint les organisateurs des Francofolies à annuler l'édition 2020 du festival de La Rochelle.
    Les artistes qui devaient s'y produire seront dans leur grande majorité présents en 2021. En attendant, "Chantons ensemble" propose de vivre l'ambiance du festival de chez soi, en toute sécurité, mais avec au coeur l'envie de se rassembler autour des artistes qui font vivre la scène musicale francophone.
     Retour sur les grands moments des éditions précédentes, avec notamment Johnny Hallyday, Soprano, Renaud, Stromae, Véronique Sanson ou encore BigFlo et Oli...



    The health crisis forced the organizers of Francofolies to cancel the 2020 edition of the La Rochelle festival.
    The artists who were to perform there will be in their great majority present in 2021. In the meantime, "Let's sing together" offers to live the atmosphere of the festival from home, in complete safety, but with the heart to come together around the artists who bring the French music scene to life.
      Back on the great moments of previous editions, with in particular Johnny Hallyday, Soprano, Renaud, Stromae, Véronique Sanson or BigFlo and Oli,...


    A Whole TV Show

    A Part of Mika ( Interview from Athens 2020 / Underwater 2016 / Relax 2008 )




    @Subtitling Team Could you make subs to the video ? Thanks.


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  2. Do you remember The Greece interview in May ?

    I think this TEMPO design project with Yasmine is Mika mentions in this interview.


    Athens Voice.gr
    Ο MIKA στην Αθήνα τις μέρες της καραντίνας
    Γιάννης Νένες


    On 5/7/2020 at 4:32 PM, Kumazzz said:

    :uk: Google translator


    MIKA in Athens during quarantine days


    The British-Lebanese popstar Mika stayed in Athens during the quarantine and talks to Athens Voice about his experience.


    In the early days of quarantine, going through thousands of photos on social media of artists and non-artists, we were surprised to see one of the most positive and open-hearted pop stars, the British-Lebanese Mika being photographed on an Athenian balcony, telling Athens how he goes home, reading, cooking and enjoying the city.


    After posting on the Athens Voice site and several days later, I got the answers to the questions I had sent him. Starting with a polite, apologetic note:

    "I would like to apologize for the delay in replying. The truth is that I have refused all interviews at this time. I also saw the warm text you uploaded a few days ago and the report at the end of the article that you are still waiting for my answers. That made me laugh and I decided to answer your questions. I feel very lucky to be in such a good weather during this difficult time. Best wishes. M. »


    How did it come about that you are in Athens during the quarantine?

    My partner, who is Greek, has a house here. I was at the height of my world tour. I had just finished Australia and New Zealand when the whole Asian tour was canceled. I couldn't go back to Italy because of the complete lockdown, and I didn't want to be the only one in the United States because I would be too far away from my family in Paris. So, I came to Athens 6 weeks ago without knowing exactly what was going to happen.


    In which part of Athens do you live in?

    It's in Pagrati. I seem to have been in an area where at least 4 musicians live on this road. I have not met them, but I hear them practicing every hour. Pianists, singers, saxophonists. I have a lot of concerts in Bach, Cole Porter, Portuguese Fado and some other uncertain self-designs. I have to admit that the members of this "unofficial orchestra" are much better than others! Even though the playing isn't always amazing, I really like being on a road where you don't see anyone but you hear the music they play. It is very poetic.


    Have you been to Athens before?

    Many times. Although I was always in a hurry. Before that, my longest stay was 4 days. I can say that I am discovering it for the first time normally, now. It's ironic; everything had to be closed for me to be able to connect normally with the city. To sit, to walk, to listen, to understand it better, without falling into the trap of going to the same restaurants and hotels. I am fascinated by this city and I am really starting to love it, in fact I am thinking of making it a more permanent part of my life.


    What is your favorite place in Athens?

    I like the popular Friday in the various neighborhoods, especially the one in Mets. At this time, being able to run around the Acropolis and the Observatory without the thousands of tourists is amazing. I feel very, very lucky to be able to see them this way. I run up and down Filopappou and the view of the city fascinates me every time. Athens is full of urban secrets that are not obvious to the tourist at first glance; the shops with ethnic cuisines and restaurants in Omonia, Victoria Square, the Municipal Market and the fact that the sea and the mountains are here next to you. I find this city unique. But my favorite thing is the terraces. I sit on my balcony and spy on other people living their lives. I am very connected to this ocean by terraces and low buildings. At midnight, at the Resurrection, it was spectacular to see the city come alive in the way it did.


    What is your favorite food in Athens?

    All these past weeks I've been cooking at home. You get tired of delivery very quickly! Also, many good restaurants do not seem to deliver. So I became an expert in the grocery stores in my area! I know which butcher is good and who isn't. I know which greengrocer on my way sells the best tomatoes. I've also learned which employees are friendly and which to avoid! The lady who has the oven nearby makes me smile every time I go. At first it was difficult because I don't speak Greek but now, whenever I go shopping, I say good morning to ten different people.


    We have seen that in quarantine days you read some very interesting books. Can you tell me about these books?

    I really enjoy a book called "Damascus" by an Australian author, Christos Tsiolkas. These are stories about the lives of various characters, including St. Paul, a generation after the death of Christ. It is a very beautiful book and, through these stories, you are transported to a critical moment of the birth of Christianity. It is appropriate to read something epic at this time, as our reality has somehow been suspended. I also read a book by Ismail Kadare, "Chronicle in Stone". He is a boy who grew up in Albania during World War II. I don't know much about Albania, but I'm very curious. The Balkans in general are very interesting and I think, at least in the UK, we don't learn much about this part of the world, and it's a shame. But my favorite book right now is Albert Camus's "Plague." It's an amazing book. I'm impressed by the striking similarities between what Camus describes in a fantastic 1940s epidemic and what the world is going through now. Everything from emotions to politics, food, drink, and sex. What makes it even more remarkable is that the epidemic, as Camus describes it, never really happened. I find that reading a book that is so closely related to what we live in is extremely comforting. I started reading it and then I started listening to it as I ran down the street, doing my daily exercise. This book, combined with the ancient monuments around me, has made me very interested in philosophy. So I found a university professor from UCL in London who has started and is teaching me through FaceTime. I am currently studying Plato and Socrates in depth. It's amazing to think that I only sleep a few miles away from where Plato's Academy was.


    You also have a Swatch watch and Pilot pens. Do you paint at all while you are here, with the quarantine?

    I have a small design company with my sister Yasmine. We have just completed a major design program for a product that will be released later this year. The project turned out to be much more complicated than we expected, because we have so much more time at our disposal! They were probably lucky (customers). I paint strange things sometimes that I don't know why I paint them first. I'm reading a story about Native Americans and I believe them, so I painted this a few days ago:


    The drawing that MIKA painted a few days ago, during his stay in Athens, in the middle of a pandemic


    I always paint with the same pencil and pen technique that you dip in ink.


    How do you feel about this whole situation with the corona virus? Do you think it will change our lives in the long run? Are you optimistic?

    I am optimistic, even if I am realistic about the painful social and economic consequences it will cause and we will have to deal with. For me personally, this whole situation gave me the opportunity to decompress, so much so that I was curious and full of impatience to learn about new things coming, in a way that I hadn't felt since I was a teenager! Financially, in my work, I have suffered a lot, but I believe that I will creatively get out of this story, better. At least I hope so! And that hope keeps me optimistic. It's a terrible virus, and having gone through what it can do to your loved ones, I can tell you how scary it can be for someone to collapse. I think it's time to ask ourselves and the world around us as many questions as possible. I think the answers can and will come later.


    You just released your album in October 2019 and the quarantine started soon after you started your tour. Tell me about the album and the tour.

    The album was my own reaction to a moment of instability in my personal life. A very strong, creative reaction to various challenges including the death of several people in my family and friends, my mother's struggle with an incurable disease, changes in my life and the fact that I had to deal with growing up in an industry that is obsessed with youth. My reaction was to grab my colors and make them even brighter and not faded. In music, melody is color, so I wanted an album full of melody and disrespectful lyrics that were both personal and playful. The tour was a continuation of that. This is a huge show that, although it has sets and lighting that fills 6 trucks, is built around me like a one man show. I wanted to create something that would be spectacular but also inward. A kind of circus of one. Until now, it was the most favorite tour of my career and it was going to be my biggest. We would play in big arenas in South Korea as well as at the Lollapaloza festivals in South America and Coachella, and then, for two months, we would tour the United States and Canada. And ALL THESE were canceled! And as it seems now, all the summer festivals in Europe that I would play will be canceled. So I made a decision. When things change again, I will continue from where I left off, and I will play in all the festivals next year, where I was going to play this year. And it will be even more interesting as I will continue to change and make more music. This means that the idea of the show will have evolved and will be more tempting over time. This pause can really be one of the most important and productive things that has happened to me in my life, creatively. I am sure that there will be a huge piece of creativity that will come out of this phase. I hope that what happens in my own process happens to other artists as well; which means that we will have many surprises and interesting things to see released in the coming years.


    For the last 7 years you have been living and working in Italy. How do you feel about this country and what do you have to say about the recent tragedy?

    I spend a lot of time there but I don't live permanently. The situation is terribly sad and the consequences are not yet clear, I think. We are still in the storm and we are facing this turbulent situation. What scares me is what will happen next; how to maintain morale and hope when people are tired, have fewer supplies, when anger will replace adrenaline. There are so many psychological consequences that are not yet clear. That's why I think it's really time to ask. Italy has suffered a lot, and politically I don't think the European Union has dealt with this crisis in the right way, especially in the early days. Italy will need help, that's for sure. I hope to be able to go there soon. The Italians are very resilient and proud of that.


    In what ways has this pandemic changed you, as a human being and as an artist?

    In so many ways. I feel it. I feel my mind breathing. I pay more attention to the people I love, even if there is anxiety; there is also connection. I'm also very careful with people I don't want to be in contact with! My curiosity has really intensified and I'm sure that will change me a lot. How exactly? I don't know and I don't need to know at the moment. Now is the time to ask questions. The answers will come later.



  3. mikainstagram IG stories







    The New York Times



    Digital Dior. Remote Chanel. What’s Couture With No Runway?
    By Vanessa Friedman

    The first streamed couture shows were more like mini-movies, music videos, trailers and perfume commercials. There were some clothes, too.


    In any case, only Viktor & Rolf managed to capture the absurdity of the whole exercise: us, sitting in our rooms around the world, staring into small screens by ourselves, mesmerized (or not) by well-intentioned efforts to elicit asynchronous rapture.

    They did it with a five-minute play in three acts titled “change” (small c, all in gold balloons) that spliced the classic department store show with today’s working-from-home ethos, with a stentorian voice-over by the singer Mika, and a heavy dose of levity.

    See, for example, an empire-waist sapphire satin negligee spotted with lace storm clouds to reflect “a feeling of sadness and anger familiar to many these days.” Or the pale pink chemises adorned with “contradictory emoji,” the “frantically entangled” sashes swirling around enormous bathrobe coats, and the enveloping A-line silhouettes to guarantee “you will remain in your own safe zone while venturing out into the world.”

    There was a lot more like that. “If only we could change ourselves as easily as we do our outfits,” said Mika. That is, of course, the promise of all this; the beauty is that we all keep hoping.

    It just seems so much more convincing from the ballroom chairs.



    mikainstagram IG stories







    Viktor & Rolf Fall 2020 Couture Fashion Show
    by Amy Verner


    Even when life felt relatively normal, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren were conceiving collections that often went viral. With this latest undertaking, they cleverly addressed couture in the time of the coronavirus: three mini wardrobes comprised of a negligee, dressing gown, and coat meant to represent pandemic-related emotional states.


    Essentially, doom and gloom give way to a wave of mixed feelings that resolve in expressions of unconditional love. Meanwhile, each of the nine elaborate creations is a meme in the making. Think lace-incrusted emojis; sparkly, socially distanced spikes; a halo of hearts, and more.

    On a video call ahead of their digital debut—an amusing yet informative film that riffs on bygone salon-style shows—they said they were initially unsure of the direction to take. “The situation has been so terrible, it made [us] wonder, Are we allowed to do this?” said Snoeren. After discussions with their team, they decided that doing nothing was not an option, but that whatever they did, “had to be meaningful,” said Horsting.

    In previous seasons, the designers had already been espousing a more sustainable approach to fabric sourcing. This time, they worked with local suppliers around Amsterdam and drew from their own fabric stock. If they reached garish territory with the voluminous pink robe festooned with sashes, bows down one arm, canary yellow quilting, and a braid, they treated the negligees with lovely lightness. As for the coats designed for social distancing, the irony is that Horsting and Snoeren have always played around with unwieldy volumes—now, they were simply giving them new relevance.

    Cue the film’s campy voiceover (recorded by singer Mika) guaranteeing that “you will remain in your own safe zone while venturing out into the world.” This was Viktor & Rolf at its best: bringing relatable messaging to their avant-garde vision, putting a pop spin on their more conceptual silhouettes.

    Wit and swelling orchestral music aside, the descriptive narration also proved an effective hack to capturing couture through a screen, directing us to details that we might have otherwise missed. It seemed the designers were also making a meta statement on fashion shows within these empty salons—how removed we are from that original, intimate format. “For years, we have been saying to each other that the fashion show is losing a bit of mystique,” explained Snoeren. “Having said that, if a show is done well…nothing compares to it.”

    Compared to those that have taken a downright escapist approach this week, this Viktor & Rolf collection attempted to rise above reality with imagination and optimism. At one point, the voiceover offered this: “We all deserve to be loved, regardless of age, color, gender, race, religion, or sexuality.” Sure, a dress itself might not get us there, but at least Horsting and Snoeren were reminding us that fashion should always have something to say.



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  4. mikainstagram

    Viktor&Rolf Haute Couture AW20 - Change

    I first fell in love with the work of @viktorandrolf when I went to visit the retrospective show at the Barbican a few years ago. This year, I was asked by them to present their new collection for Paris Haute Couture Week, which for the first time ever went digital. I recorded this in Athens where I was for three months during quarantine. Beautiful, poetic and dreamy.

    Film directed by @marijkeaerden
    Concept and text by @viktorandrolf
    Mika recorded and edited by @aris.athanasopoulos



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  5. :Update:



    31st Annual GLAAD Media Awards
    JULY 30 : 5PM ( PT ) 8PM ( ET )

    For the first time ever, the GLAAD Media Awards will be held as a virtual ceremony, hosted by Fortune Feimster and Gina Yashere, with a special performance by Chloe x Halle!


    The 31st Annual GLAAD Media Awards honor media for fair, accurate, and inclusive representations of LGBTQ people and issues.

    Since its inception in 1990, the GLAAD Media Awards have grown to be the most visible annual LGBTQ awards show in the world, sending powerful messages of acceptance to audiences globally. Click here for a full list of nominees for the 31st Annual GLAAD Media Awards.


    Visibility of LGBTQ people has always mattered and this year it’s more important than ever. LGBTQ people – especially youth – are now forced to isolate in homes and spaces that might not be affirming. As a result, LBGTQ media images are even more of a lifeline for LGBTQ people.

    The GLAAD Media Awards have always raised the bar for LGBTQ inclusion in media, and this year we will raise the bar once more with a first-of-its-kind virtual awards event. Stay tuned to see even more of what we have up our sleeves for what is sure to be an evening to remember.

    Sign up to receive talent updates and reminders here



    31st Annual GLAAD Media Awards


    The 31st Annual GLAAD Media Awards honor media for fair, accurate, and inclusive representations of LGBTQ people and issues. Since its inception in 1990, the GLAAD Media Awards have grown to be the most visible annual LGBTQ awards show in the world, sending powerful messages of acceptance to audiences globally.

    The 31st Annual GLAAD Media Awards are presented by Delta Air Lines, Gilead, P&G, and Wells Fargo. For more information, visit www.glaad.org/mediaawards and follow @glaad and #GLAADAwards

    Fortune Feimster & Gina Yashere


    Special Performance by
    Chloe X Halle


    Special Guests
    Cara Delevingne
    Kaitlyn Dever
    Sonya Deville
    Beanie Feldstein
    Jonica T. Gibbs
    Dan Levy
    Rachel Maddow
    Brian Michael Smith
    Lil Nas X
    Ryan O’Connell
    Dolly Parton
    The Cast and Producers of Pose
    Geena Rocero
    Angelica Ross
    Benito Skinner
    Brian Michael Smith
    Dwyane Wads & Gabrielle Union
    Lena Waithe
    Olivia Wilde
    Raquel Willis
    And more!


  6. EckF8xfUYAAhKlu?format=jpg&name=small



    • Marca TEMPO
    • Riferimento S038461


    Resistente e morbido, è il fazzoletto a quattro veli che non può mancare in tasca. Affidabile anche nell'uso più "impegnativo", è indispensabile in tutte le occasioni e per ogni necessità. In Italia è un "classico" da oltre 50 anni e ha segnato il passaggio dal fazzoletto di stoffa a quello in carta.



    Resistant and soft, it is the four-ply handkerchief that cannot be missing in your pocket. Reliable even in the most "demanding" use, it is indispensable on all occasions and for every need. In Italy it has been a "classic" for over 50 years and has marked the transition from the cloth to the paper handkerchief.



  7. :italia:
    Tempo: Mika Limited Edition
    La forza degli elementi naturali incontra le mille sfumature delle nostre emozioni: benvenuti nel pirotecnico mondo della limited edition Tempo by MIKA

    The strength of natural elements meets the thousand shades of our emotions: welcome to the pyrotechnic world of the limited edition Tempo by MIKA





    La forza degli elementi naturali incontra le mille sfumature delle nostre emozioni: benvenuti nel pirotecnico mondo della limited edition Tempo by @mikainstagram!



  8. persberichten.deperslijst.com

    Kinepolis brengt 's werelds grootste artiesten naar de bioscoop met Music & Movies


    Deze zomer gaan de festivals misschien niet door, maar dat wil niet zeggen dat je geen concert kan bezoeken! Kinepolis brengt met Music & Movies de muziek naar de bezoekers toe. Deze hebben daardoor de beste plek bij een concert, veilig en comfortabel in een bioscoopstoel.

    Van Amy Winehouse tot Sting en van Black Sabbath tot Mika, Kinepolis heeft een brede line-up klaarstaan deze zomer. 

    Wat betreft het festivalseizoen heeft corona veel roet in het eten gegooid, maar Kinepolis komt nu met een eigen oplossing door concerten te vertonen op het grote witte doek met fantastisch filmgeluid zoals je dat van de bioscoop gewend bent. Kinepolis heeft een indrukwekkende line-up klaarstaan: van Amy Winehouse, Sting, The Cure, The Rolling Stones, Mika en Black Sabbath. De optredens van Mika, Amy Winehouse en Sting zijn zelfs nog nooit eerder vertoond in de bioscoop.  



    • Donderdag 06-08: Amy Winehouse live at Eurockéennes '07 
    • Woensdag 12-08: Sting Live at the Olympia Paris 
    • Donderdag 13-08: The Cure Anniversary 1978-2018 
    • Woensdag 19-08: The Rolling Stones: Havana Moon 
    • Donderdag 20-08 Mika - Revelation Tour 2019 
    • Woensdag 26-08 Black Sabbath: The End of the End 

    Ticketprijs: € 13,50 

    Concert: Mika - Revelation Tour 2019




    Vier jaar na zijn laatste album is Mika terug met "My Name Is Michael Holbrook". Mika is begonnen aan een dertiendaagse tournee door Frankrijk, waaronder een concert in de AccorHotels Arena in Parijs op 22 december 2019. Een kleurrijke show vol met zijn grootste hits zoals "Grace Kelly" & " Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) "en nog veel meer...

    • Genre: Muziek
    • Filmlengte: 93 minutes
    • Releasedatum: 20/08/2020

    Te zien in

    • 2D: Breda, Dordrecht, Emmen, Enschede, Groningen, Den Bosch, Almere, Hoofddorp, Spijkenisse, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Zoetermeer, Cinerama



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