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  1. Twitter 🚨 SPOILER ALERT 🚨 @mikasounds riassume tutte le Audizioni con una parola: eclettiche🎵 INSTAGRAM 🚨 SPOILER ALERT 🚨 @mikainstagram riassume tutte le Audizioni con una parola: eclettiche. 🎵 #XF2021 a settembre su @skyitalia e @nowtvit https://www.instagram.com/p/CRTovy2rDPF/
  2. https://whoworewhatjewels.com/jewelry-at-tout-sest-bien-passe-everything-went-fine-2021-cannes-film-festival-screening/ MIKA: The Lebanese-born British singer-songwriter who performed at the dinner wore a vivid hot pink suit with a very charming elephant brooch from the Chopard’s Red Carpet Collection 2021. The captivating brooch featured a 43.21-carat emerald cabochon set with brilliant-cut grey and yellow diamonds and pink and yellow sapphire and moonstones.
  3. Paris Match Publié le 28/06/2021 à 18h00 https://www.parismatch.com/People/Iris-Mittenaere-et-Diego-El-Glaoui-tandem-complice-au-Paris-Eiffel-Jumping-1744950#
  4. INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ84yGWJrbe/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet sylviecouperiehorsespic Bienvenue @longinespariseiffeljumping …. Behind the scene ! #equestrianlife #showjumper #horse #sporthorses #equestrian #showjumping #horses #mika @mikainstagram @marie.couperie.eiffel @quitojumpy @rogeryvesbost @nicolasbost_rider @thierryrey2024
  5. INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/p/CRI3WxlrU4-/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link longinespariseiffeljumping [ILS ÉTAIENT PRÉSENTS] 🇫🇷 De nombreuses personnalités étaient présentes au LGCT-LPEJ 2021 🥂 Elles ont pu découvrir le nouveau site en dégustant les plats gastronomiques du Pavillon Eiffel ou en participant aux reconnaissances des épreuves CSI 5* avec les meilleurs cavaliers du monde ! 🤩 🇬🇧 Many personalities were at LGCT-LPEJ 2021 🥂 They discovered the new site by tasting the gourmet food of the Pavillon Eiffel or by participating in course walk of CSI 5* classes with the best riders in the world ! 🤩 📸 @longinesglobalchampionstour / @sylviecouperiehorsespic #people #vip #photos #jumping #horseriding #competition #horse #chevaux #horselover #rider #horsesofinstagram #sport #instasport #eiffeltower #lpej #lpej2021 #lgct #gcl #Longines #EleganceisanAttitude
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  7. Nomadic Boys Jun 29, 2021 https://nomadicboys.com/best-gay-singers/ The best gay singers of all time In this article, we celebrate some of the best gay singers of all time who are not only ridiculously talented but are also proudly flying the flag for our LGBTQ community. “It's a little bit funny This feeling inside…” Today we live in a world where being openly gay is no longer the big taboo it was in the late 20th century. We have more LGBTQ role models in the entertainment industry than ever before, and we're LIVING for it! There used to be a time when gay male singers in pop bands were told to stay in the closet for fear of destroying their career – shocking, but that was not so long ago. Even in large parts of the world, this is still very much the case. So when we see out gay singers being successful it in the music business, we get extremely excited. 1. Ricky Martin When Ricky Martin hit mainstream success in the early 1990s, with his spiked-up hair and thrusting hips, it ignited the awakening of millions of little gay boys across the globe! From his boy-next-door smile to his hot body, Ricky Martin is the kind of man you’d like to bed… and wed! Crowned the “King of Latin Pop“, his songs “Livin' La Vida Loca” and “She Bangs” don’t just appeal to gay crowds, but straight people too. What wedding reception would be complete if either of these hits weren't blasting from the speakers?! Ricky, who remained in the closet for the first portion of his career, is today happily married with kids. He is a shining example that gay men can have it all. 2. Mika If you don’t own a copy of Mika’s 2007 debut album “Life In Cartoon Motion”, then your gay card needs to be revoked… immediately! Just kidding… However, in all seriousness, Mika’s musical catalog oozes gay culture. With feel-good dance beats and lyrics dripping with pop culture references, Mika’s songs speak to our community on a whole other level. Songs like “Grace Kelly”, “Love Today”, and “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)” are still routinely played in clubs in the 2020s – and for good reason! They still feel as modern and fresh as they did back in the day. Mika himself is an astounding 6ft 2. His tall, slender figure and chiseled facial features make him very popular with both men and women. But in 2012, he gave us the cherry on top of a very pretty cake when he publicly came out. Today, Mika is a taken man, having been with his partner, Andreas Dermanis, for over 10 years! 3. George Michael (RIP) The world first fell in love with George as part of the 1980s pop duo Wham! churning out pop classics like “Last Christmas” and “Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go)”. George quickly became adored the world over for his blonde coiffed hair and puppy-dog eyes. It wasn’t until he emerged as a solo artist with his shorter hairdo and stubble that solidified him as an icon. His solo hits “Freedom” and “Careless Whisper” propelled him into the world spotlight of the music business, quickly becoming a huge household name. Not just a pretty face, George was known for his immense generosity. He involved himself with charities such as the Elton John AIDS Foundation and Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity. Sadly, George passed away on Christmas Day in 2016, breaking the hearts of millions of fans. 4. Sir Elton John Everybody’s favorite rocketman, Elton John, wasn’t always the grandpa of the gay music world. When he burst onto the scene back in the 1970s, he oozed sensuality and boyish charm. Often baring his hairy chest to crowds of thousands, fans went nuts over his unabashed confidence and liberated performance style. His cheeky grin and wild sense of humor also won over even the most ardent of critics, endearing him to people who would otherwise see him as #toomuch. In his earlier days, he enjoyed relationships with both men and women, identifying as bisexual for a long time. He came out as gay in 1988 and is now married with kids – and still releasing music at the age of 73. 5. Freddy Mercury (RIP) While he wasn’t considered the most conventionally handsome man, Freddie still embodied a magnetic appeal that attracted millions of fans across the world. His onstage persona captivated audiences to the point that no one could take their eyes off him. His vocal range transcended above all others and his ability to make the listener truly feel what he was singing about meant that anybody could fall in love with him. Freddie’s offstage persona was much quieter and timid. No one, other than his closest pals and family, felt like they knew the real Freddie, which is why it came as a shock when he announced to the world that he was living with AIDS. He was one of the first major music artists to become associated with the disease, forcing people to wake up to its horrors, as well as the slow progress in finding a cure. Freddie sadly passed away in 1991 from the illness. 6. Hamed Sinno Hamed Sinno is a Lebanese singer who fronts the alternative-rock band Mashrou’ Leila. His 80s style mustache and penchant for wearing muscle shirts have made him popular among gay fans. He also represents what it means to be queer and from the Middle East, a region notorious for having some of the worst LGBTQ rights in the world. We think Hamed is a shining beacon for the LGBTQ community of Lebanon in particular, a country that still has anti-gay laws. Hamed's music has stirred controversy among conservative crowds due to the explicit nature of his lyrics. He encourages his fans to be bold and expressive – and they take this message very seriously! Even to the point of getting themselves in trouble with the authorities by waving rainbow flags at his concert, notably in Cairo, Egypt – where the promotion of homosexuality is not only illegal but aggressively enforced! Countries like Jordan have gone so far as to ban Sinno from performing there, simply because he is openly gay! But he still is unafraid to express himself and be himself. We all love an activist who holds no punches. 7. Lance Bass Throughout the 1990s, the world was divided into two groups. Fans of the Backstreet Boys and lovers of NSYNC! We personally love NSYNC…mostly because of our shared obsession for Justin Timberlake. And whilst it broke our hearts to wave bye bye bye to the band when they broke up in 2001, we still have a soft spot for all the members. So, it especially warmed our hearts when in 2006, Lance Bass came out in an interview with People Magazine. This shattered the dreams of many female fans, yet delighted all of his gay ones, who were now in with a chance! Today, Lance hosts a podcast called “The Lance Bass Show” where he breaks down all of the latest news and gossip from Hollywood. 8. Stephen Gately (RIP) Whether or not you were a fan of Irish boyband Boyzone, you most likely had a soft spot for front singer Stephen Gately. The pint-sized singer was rarely seen without a smile on his face. His middle-parted shaggy hairstyle was peak 90s and his high angelic voice would cause all of his fans to swoon. Gately came out in 1999, a bold move considering he was advised by his manager to stay closeted due to Ireland’s conservative attitudes towards LGBTQ people. Though surprisingly, he received very little backlash. When the band reunited in the late 2000s, they released the single, “Better”. In the music video for it, each of the boys dances and makes out with their respective partners – including Stephen who can be seen with another man! Sadly, Gately passed away in 2009 whilst holidaying in Spain. 9. Markus Feehily Markus Feehily was known as the shy and demure member of another famous Irish boy band – Westlife. He never talked about his personal life during group media interviews, despite his bandmates talking about theirs. It wasn’t until he came out in 2005, that he finally found the confidence to become more himself. With 15 number one songs as part of the band, he is the highest performing LGBTQ artist on the UK charts. In recent years, Markus has been an outspoken activist for LGBTQ rights, including his campaigning for equal marriage in Ireland. Markus became engaged to his partner, Cailean O'Neill, in 2019, and later that year the handsome couple announced that they are to become fathers via surrogacy. 10. Steve Grand The All-American boy, Steve Grand, is one of the few openly gay country artists. People always give hip-hop a hard time for its lack of LGBTQ representation, whilst ignoring the fact that country music also has the same issue! His music deals with issues around romance and life as a gay person, which he has performed at numerous Pride events. Influenced by Shania Twain and Bruce Springsteen, Grand is a hodgepodge mix of the two, with heartfelt lyrics and funky beats. In recent years, he’s swapped out the clean-cut, wholesome boy image for a rugged, handsome god – just take a peek at his Instagram… what a handsome man! 11. Adam Lambert With his high belting voice and epic stage presence, Lambert first won audiences over during his appearances on American Idol. He was especially popular among older women, who swooned over his strong jawline and brow game. He even once expressed an elated surprise to be the target of affection from ‘cougars’ across the USA. However, it was his signature eyeliner and gelled black hair (giving him a gender-bending aesthetic) that helped solidify him as a queer icon. Appearances on Glee and RuPaul's Drag Race launched him even further into the public stratosphere and his solo music has received international acclaim. Most impressively, he has toured the world with Queen, taking up the lead vocals… Only Adam Lambert could come close to standing in for the incomparable Freddie Mercury! 12. Frank Ocean When Frank Ocean came out in 2012, it took the hip hop world by storm. Hip hop music is sadly notorious for its use of homophobic lyrics so having an out hip hop artist is a big deal! Ocean changed all of that. Artists like Jay-Z and Kayne West championed Ocean for being so honest about his identity, and in turn, made the world fall in love with him. Ocean has since spoken out against homophobia, notably after the tragic nightclub event in Orlando in 2016. His open letter dissected how anti-gay sentiments are hereditary, and how parents should be more mindful of the values they pass down to their children. His music is incredible and anyone who listens to it can’t help but feel taken by its raw honesty and smooth beats. 13. Sam Smith Sam Smith’s debut 2014 album “In The Lonely Hour” is all about a lost gay romance. We remember how refreshing it was to hear a queer artist take on a more easy-listening/bluesy style of music, as opposed to the typical dance music most LGBTQ artists are known for. Sam laid their heart on the line, writing lyrics that were heartfelt and relatable, that both gay and straight people could relate to. In 2019, Smith came-out as non-binary and requested people use they/them pronouns in reference to them. For many, they were the first representation of a gender non-conforming person on a major platform, though hopefully, they won’t be the last. Today, they are serving looks and music that is much more upbeat than their earlier stuff. 14. Le1F (Khalif Diouf) As an openly queer black hip-hop artist, Le1F has been applauded by critics for challenging homophobia within the genre. His lyrics are hard-hitting and truthful, whilst his music videos are homoerotic and daring. One of his most famous songs, “Wut” features the artist sitting on the leg of a hot shirtless dude and showing off his twerking skills! He enjoys blurring the lines between the masculine and the feminine as well. Le1F has spoken about feeling liberated by being recognized as an LGBTQ artist and his optimism that there will soon be more hip hop artists who are open about who they love. 15. Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys) He’s always on our minds. The Pet Shop Boys were an instant hit with gay fans when they first debuted back in the 80s. Not only because of bops like “Go West” and “West End Girls”, but the two singers were gorgeous. The kind of boys you wanted to hang posters of on your bedroom wall. Neil Tennant especially was adored due to his messy hair and chiseled facial features. Neil came out in 1994 and has since been an active campaigner for LGBTQ rights. He campaigned for equal marriage in the UK and also put pressure on David Cameron’s Government to pardon scientist Alan Turing who was arrested and convicted for being gay in 1952. An all-around incredible guy!
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRGuENPLFjc/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet chopard The talented Mika (@mikainstagram ) at the Paradise Dinner. Portrait by Greg Williams (@gregwilliamsphotography ). #StarsInChopard #ChopardHauteJoaillerie #Cannes2021 Bella Hadid Wows In Chopard’s Red Carpet High Jewellery At Cannes Film Festival 2021 | Tatler Hong Kong (asiatatler.com)
  9. Mika singing "Sharky and Moo♫" real_brown_88665960_184437200306728_2899418979171829880_n (1).mp4
  10. A photo from Getty Images https://www.gettyimages.co.jp/detail/ニュース写真/singer-mika-is-seen-during-the-17th-international-architecture-ニュース写真/1319223789 17th International Architecture Exhibition Opening VENICE, ITALY - MAY 21: Singer Mika is seen during the 17th International Architecture Exhibition on May 21, 2021 in Venice, Italy. The 17th International Architecture Exhibition runs from May 22nd to November 21st 2021 and is curated by architect and scholar Hashim Sarkis. (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)
  11. mikasounds https://cdn1.umg3.net/78/files/2014/04/IMG_9548.jpg
  12. Maz.Music.Media IG story https://www.instagram.com/maz.music.media/
  13. RAPPORT ANNUEL 2020 ☛ PDF file ( 10.1 MB ) Imagine_for_Margo_rapport-annuel-2020-final.pdf Page 1 Page 5 UN CONCERT EXCEPTIONNEL DE MIKA POUR NOËL Nous avons également distribué des cadeaux dans les services pédiatriques de plusieurs hôpitaux en France, et financé des projets pour améliorer le bien-être des petits guerriers et petites guerrières et leurs familles : notamment des séjours de répit, des mannequins pédagogiques pour l’hôpital Trousseau, l’aménagement d’une aire de jeux pour l’hôpital de Mantes-la-Jolie, l’achat de lits accompagnants pour le CHU de Rennes, des soins pour les parents dans un espace bien-être à l’Hôpital Necker à Paris. Mika, notre parrain au grand cœur, a donné un concert de Noël exceptionnel le 23 décembre, organisé dans l’intimité avec une quinzaine d’enfants du service pédiatrique à l’Institut Curie à Paris, et diffusé en LIVE sur Facebook pour tous les autres enfants et leurs familles. MERCI à MIKA pour son talent et son grand cœur, à toute son équipe, et aux choristes du Gospel pour 100 voix qui l’ont accompagné. Un après-midi magique et féérique ! AN EXCEPTIONAL MIKA CONCERT FOR CHRISTMAS We have also distributed gifts in the pediatric departments of several hospitals in France, and funded projects to improve the well-being of little warriors and their families: in particular respite stays, educational mannequins for the Trous hospital. bucket, the development of a playground for the Mantes-la-Jolie hospital, the purchase of accompanying beds for the Rennes University Hospital, care for parents in a well-being area at the Hospital Necker in Paris. Mika, our big-hearted godfather, gave an exceptional Christmas concert on December 23, organized in the intimacy with about fifteen children from the pediatric department at the Institut Curie in Paris, and broadcast LIVE on Facebook for all other children and their families. THANKS to MIKA for his talent and his big heart, to his entire team, and to the Gospel choristers for 100 voices who accompanied him. A magical and magical afternoon! Page 20 REMERCIEMENTS MERCI AUX PERSONNALITÉS QUI NOUS SOUTIENNENT MIKA que nous remercions de tout coeur pour le concert de Noël exceptionnel qu’il a donné pour les enfants en décembre 2020 APPRECIATION THANKS TO PERSONALITIES WHO SUPPORT US MIKA that we sincerely thank for the exceptional Christmas concert he gave for the children in December 2020
  14. INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/p/CQq40j6qfwa/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Samedi, notre association était mise à l'honneur au @longinespariseiffeljumping ! Moment d'émotion lors de la remise du prix Joone avec l'arrivée à cheval de JANOTTE, 12 ans, aujourd'hui guérie de son cancer et qui était avec nous en Camargue en 2015 pour réaliser notre campagne de sensibilisation avec MIKA. Un immense MERCI à VIRGINIE et son équipe pour cette belle visibilité et le soutien à notre combat contre le cancer des enfants. MERCI également à ARMELLE et à tous ceux qui ont participé à l'évènement pour nous soutenir. Tous ensemble : GO, FIGHT, WIN ! Google translator On Saturday, our association was in the spotlight at @longinespariseiffeljumping! Moment of emotion during the presentation of the Joone Prize with the arrival on horseback of JANOTTE, 12, now cured of her cancer and who was with us in the Camargue in 2015 to carry out our awareness campaign with MIKA. A huge THANK YOU to VIRGINIE and her team for this great visibility and support for our fight against childhood cancer. THANKS also to ARMELLE and to all those who participated in the event to support us. All together: GO, FIGHT, WIN! imagineformargo_officiel_CQq40j6qfwa_210187529_814329502807732_4642585127635843483_n.mp4
  15. Le Journal des Femmes https://www.journaldesfemmes.fr/2726931-mika-et-virginie-couperie-eiffel Le Longines Paris Jumping Eiffel, sixième étape du Longines Global Champions Tour, s'est tenu à Paris le week-end du 25 juin. De Mika à Iris Mittenaere, de nombreuses stars étaient au rendez-vous... Mika et Virginie Coupérie-Eiffel
  16. Andreas Dermanis's new VIMEO profile pic https://vimeo.com/user827382
  17. VIMEO Mika x Indeed x Pride: Soundtrack of Empathy (Clip) PRODUCED BY 
 Giuliano Abbate
 Alessandro De Mariassevich SUPERVISING EDITOR Andreas Dermanis SUPERVISING SOUND DESIGN Aris Athanasopoulos Mika x Indeed x Pride Soundtrack of Empathy - Trailer (2021) Supervising Sound Editor: Aris Athanasopoulos
  18. PUREpeople https://t.co/7wBrYSLYZu?amp=1 Mika et Virginie Couperie-Eiffel - Les personnalités assistent au Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping au Champ de Mars, le 26 juin 2021. https://t.co/OB7uhBgUZg?amp=1 https://t.co/oBXu1yg7eW?amp=1 https://t.co/boAFztbCkm?amp=1
  19. INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/p/CQnlWvHhCgV/ longinesglobalchampionstour MIKA having fun on the course walk! 🙌🏼🤩 📸: LGCT #Longines #LGCT #LGCT2021 #LGCTParis #Paris #Showjumping #EquestrianLife
  20. 2018 2021 https://world.in-24.com/entertainment/106343/Elodie-Fontan-in-a-spring-dress-Marie-Drucker-and-Mika-attend-the-Paris-Eiffel-Jumping.html The sixth and penultimate stage of the Longines Global Champions Tour can finally hold its 2021 edition, from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 June, after being canceled in 2020 due to the health crisis linked to Covid-19. One week before the announcement of the riders and horses who will represent France this summer at the Tokyo Olympic Games, the capital is the scene of an international show jumping competition, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower: the Paris Eiffel Jumping. The event, free to the public, was able to reach this year a gauge of 5,000 people. In the stands, to attend the equestrian competition, the beautiful people had jostled at the gates. Elodie Fontan – without Philippe Lacheau -, Marie Drucker and Thierry Rey, singer Mika, Nicolas Canteloup, Mickael Landreau, Jennifer Katharine Gates, Virginie Couperie-Eiffel, Tony Estanguet and Thierry Rey, Franck McCourt and his wife Monica Algarra, Ryadh Sallem, Lionel Charbonnier, Amaury Leveaux, Franck McCourt all had the chance to watch the best riders in the world in full performance. One month away from the Tokyo Olympic Games, it’s Briton Ben Maher who made a strong impression during the Paris Grand Prix in show jumping by signing the only clear double of the flagship event, on Saturday June 26, 2021. On his horse Ginger Blue, the rider won the race. ephemeral track of the Champ de Mars to win the individual Grand Prix (5 Stars) of the Paris Eiffel Jumping, counting towards the circuit of the Longines Global Champions tour. Just behind him, the Egyptian Sameh El Dahan and the young Jodie Hall McAteer obtained the second and third position of the podium. This is undoubtedly one of the last times that we expect to gallop in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. In 2024, equestrian events should take place at the Palace of Versailles. https://www.purepeople.com/article/elodie-fontan-en-robe-printaniere-marie-drucker-et-mika-assistent-au-paris-eiffel-jumping_a442378/1 La sixième et avant-dernière étape du circuit Longines Global Champions Tour peut enfin tenir son édition 2021, du vendredi 25 au dimanche 27 juin, après avoir été annulée en 2020 en raison de la crise sanitaire liée à la Covid-19. A une semaine de l'annonce des cavaliers et des chevaux qui représenteront la France cet été aux Jeux Olympiques de Tokyo, la capitale est le théâtre d'une compétition internationale de saut d'obstacles, au pied de la Tour Eiffel : le Paris Eiffel Jumping. L'événement, gratuit pour le public, a pu atteindre cette année une jauge de 5000 personnes. Dans les tribunes, pour assister à la compétition équestre, le beau monde s'était bousculé aux portillons. Elodie Fontan - sans Philippe Lacheau -, Marie Drucker et Thierry Rey, le chanteur Mika, Nicolas Canteloup, Mickael Landreau, Jennifer Katharine Gates, Charles Berling, Xavier de Moulins et sa femme Anais, Virginie Couperie-Eiffel, Tony Estanguet et Thierry Rey, Franck McCourt et sa femme Monica Algarra, Ryadh Sallem, Lionel Charbonnier, Amaury Leveaux, Franck McCourt ont tous eu la chance de regarder les meilleurs cavaliers du monde en pleine performance. A un mois des Jeux Olympiques de Tokyo, c'est le Britannique Ben Maher qui a fait forte impression lors du Grand Prix de Paris de saut d'obstacles en signant le seul double sans faute de l'épreuve-phare, le samedi 26 juin 2021. Sur son cheval Ginger Blue, le cavalier s'est imposé sur la piste éphémère du Champ de Mars pour remporter le Grand Prix individuel (5 Etoiles) du Paris Eiffel Jumping, comptant pour le circuit du Longines Global Champions tour. Juste derrière lui, l'Egyptien Sameh El Dahan et la jeune Jodie Hall McAteer ont obtenu les deuxième et troisième position du podium. C'est sans doute l'une des dernières fois que l'on attend galoper dans le 7e arrondissement de Paris. En 2024, les épreuves équestres devraient se dérouler au château de Versailles.
  21. INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/p/CQnlWvHhCgV/ longinesglobalchampionstour Having fun on the course walk! 🙌🏼🤩 📸: LGCT #Longines #LGCT #LGCT2021 #LGCTParis #Paris #Showjumping #EquestrianLife
  22. Rolling Stone Mexico https://rollingstone.com.mx/pride-exponentes-de-la-industria-musical/#MIKA_y_su_instrumentalizacion_de_la_autenticidad MIKA y su instrumentalización de la autenticidad El cantautor MIKA irrumpió en la escena musical en 2007, encontrando el éxito a donde quiera que fuera. Sin embargo, el mundo de la música pasaría rápidamente de apreciar su arte a cuestionar su sexualidad, demostrando que la fascinación que rodea a la vida personal de los artistas a menudo se antepone a su música. Su sensibilidad queer era innegable, pero MIKA solía esquivar las preguntas sobre su sexualidad. Fue implacablemente cuestionado en la época en la que no importaba si alguien estaba listo a salir del clóset, siempre y cuando los febriles medios pudieran sacar un titular indelicado confirmando su identidad. Pasarían cinco años antes de que MIKA se confesara públicamente como gay, después de dispararse en las listas de éxitos y soportar entrevistas donde la música pasaba a segundo plano, con la curiosidad morbosa de saber cómo se identificaba sexualmente. Su música siempre había contenido temas de sexualidad y género, siendo intrínsecamente una parte íntima de la vida del artista y su forma de autoexpresión. Hasta el día de hoy, MIKA recuerda haber sentido la explotación de los medios de comunicación, presionando para que se etiquetara a sí mismo y desviando el curso natural del autodescubrimiento. Para él, la música era suficiente para explorar quién era y quién sería. Antes de convertirse en una estrella de renombre mundial, MIKA soportó una vida que pocos envidiarían. Cuando cumplió un año de edad, su familia se vio obligada a escapar de su ciudad natal, Beirut, asolada por la guerra, y huir a París. Fue ahí donde nació su amor por la música, aprendiendo a tocar el piano y a escribir canciones. A sus siete años compuso su primer instrumental en piano. Fue dos años después que su familia se trasladó a Londres, donde sufrió de acoso escolar grave y dislexia. Debido a esto, su madre decidió educarlo en casa hasta que pudieron encontrar otra escuela para el joven artista. Halló una escuela que encajaba con su pasión: la música. No sólo formó parte del coro del colegio, sino que se convirtió en el director musical y siguió componiendo y cantando con su querido piano. De joven fue admitido en el renombrado Royal College of Music en Londres, que luego abandonaría para centrarse en la grabación de su primer disco con Casablanca Records. La fama le llegó rápidamente. En 2007 se lanzó al estrellato con su single «Grace Kelly», publicado por Universal Music. Rápidamente alcanzó el número uno en las listas de éxitos, lo que le permitió entrar oficialmente en la escena musical. Ese mismo año, lanzó su álbum debut Life in Cartoon Motion y realizó una gira por Estados Unidos y Europa, incluso cantando en diversos escenarios aclamados como los Grammys. Su álbum fue muy apreciado por los críticos y los amantes de la música, se le comparó con artistas reconocidos como Freddie Mercury, Elton John y David Bowie. Su tercer álbum lanzado en 2012 dio un giro, autocalificado como menos infantil y más serio, con un tono más simplista que su trabajo anterior. The Origin of Love fue una oportunidad para que MIKA probara algo diferente, incluyendo varios temas en francés. El cuarto álbum de MIKA, No Place in Heaven, se publicó en 2015. Inspirado en la música pop de los años sesenta, continúa la historia de su vida, sus ambiciones y su carácter lúdico con dignidad y madurez. Su lanzamiento más reciente fue su quinto álbum en 2019, My Name is Michael Holbrook. Tras su publicación, llegó la pandemia y la música de MIKA quedó en suspenso, con el artista centrándose por el momento en otros proyectos. Cuando MIKA llegó a la escena musical, la comunidad LGBTQ+ no era tan abierta como ahora. Hoy en día, salir del clóset sigue siendo objeto de curiosidad, pero ya no es un camino que se debe de recorrer tan solitariamente. En parte, esto puede acreditarse a artistas como MIKA, quienes allanaron el camino para que artistas y personas por igual descubrieran su verdadero yo a su tiempo y a su ritmo. Con el Mes del Orgullo siendo un tiempo donde el amor y la empatía abundan sobre el odio y la indiferencia, la oportunidad de autoexpresarse crea alegría para los que deciden vivir con autenticidad. Google translator MIKA and his instrumentalization of authenticity Singer-songwriter MIKA burst onto the music scene in 2007, finding success wherever he wanted him to go. However, the music world would quickly go from appreciating his art to questioning his sexuality, demonstrating that the fascination surrounding artists' personal lives often takes precedence over his music. His queer sensitivity to him was undeniable, but MIKA used to dodge questions about his sexuality. He was relentlessly questioned in the era when it didn't matter if someone was ready to come out, as long as the feverish media could pull off an indelicate headline confirming his identity. It would be five years before MIKA publicly confessed as gay, after soaring in the charts and enduring interviews where music took a back seat, with the morbid curiosity to know how he identified himself sexually. His music had always contained themes of sexuality and gender, being intrinsically an intimate part of the artist's life and his form of self-expression. To this day, MIKA remembers feeling the exploitation of the media, pushing for him to label himself and diverting the natural course of self-discovery. For him, music was enough to explore who he was and who he would be. Before becoming a world-renowned star, MIKA endured a life few would envy. When he was one year old, his family was forced to flee his war-torn hometown of Beirut and flee to Paris. It was there that his love for music was born, learning to play the piano and write songs. At the age of seven he composed his first instrumental on piano. It was two years later that his family moved to London, where he suffered from severe bullying and dyslexia. Because of this, his mother decided to homeschool him until they could find another school for the young artist. He found a school that suited his passion: music. He not only was part of the school choir, but he became the musical director and continued to compose and sing with his beloved piano. As a young man he was admitted to the renowned Royal College of Music in London, which he would later leave to focus on recording his first album with Casablanca Records. Fame came quickly. In 2007 he rose to stardom with his single "Grace Kelly", released by Universal Music. It quickly reached number one on the charts, allowing it to officially enter the music scene. That same year, he released his debut album Life in Cartoon Motion and toured the United States and Europe, including singing on acclaimed venues such as the Grammys. His album was highly appreciated by critics and music lovers, he was compared to renowned artists such as Freddie Mercury, Elton John and David Bowie. His third album released in 2012 took a turn, self-described as less childish and more serious, with a more simplistic tone than his previous work. The Origin of Love was an opportunity for MIKA to try something different, including various French songs. MIKA's fourth album, No Place in Heaven, was released in 2015. Inspired by 1960s pop music, it continues the story of his life, his ambitions, and his playful character with dignity and maturity. His most recent release was his fifth album in 2019, My Name is Michael Holbrook. Following its publication, the pandemic struck and MIKA's music was put on hold, with the artist focusing for the moment on other projects. When MIKA hit the music scene, the LGBTQ + community was not as open as it is now. Today, coming out is still an object of curiosity, but it is no longer a path that must be traveled so alone. In part, this can be credited to artists like MIKA, who paved the way for artists and people alike to discover their true selves in their own time and at their own pace. With Pride Month being a time where love and empathy abound over hatred and indifference, the opportunity to express themselves creates joy for those who choose to live authentically.
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