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  1. you're welcome dear !! :huglove:


    I saw your gif.image !!! :swoon:

  2. A part of Mika :teehee:

  3. Thank you very much !!! :huglove:

  4. Hi ! Your creation makes me smile as always !!!!:teehee:


    Which video is it from ?


  5. my pleasure dear ! :bye:

    saw your animated gifs, are awesome !!

  6. BETTER quality vid of Les Enfoirés — Attention au Départ


    DL http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?wjwfwv2o26m5wa3

  7. Thank you very much !! :huglove:

  8. Excuse me, would you answer my question ?

    Which video is it from ?




    Thanks !! :blush-anim-cl:

  9. SORRY !! I was confused !!!! I don't know about the pic at all !!:doh:

  10. :hug:You're very welcome.

  11. :doh:I made a mistake !! didn't paste D/L link !!!!


    http://www.mediafire.com/?4twda07titvq7tr :mikasweat:

  12. you're welcome dear !


    It's a D/L link of the original wmv.file, if you need.

  13. Have you seen this YT vid before ?


    I made it for my friend Dark Angel in 2011.

  14. Grazie mille cara !!! it's the video !!

    You are amazing as always !!! :huglove:

  15. I found the MIKATUBE link (YT) has been deleted !! :shocked:


    [2009.12.08 Royal variety performance]





    I don't have the video file.


    Perhaps the original link is



    but the site's streaming is too slow for me.

    Can you download it ?


    Ciao !!

  16. あるいは






  17. 私の別アカウントのことかも?


  18. BRAVO !! :yay::flowers2:


    I'm happy to read you got a good appreciation.


    Thanks a lot for the lovely pic !!:huglove:

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