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  1. I'm very sorry for your PC. Don't worry, I have tons of Mika's data in my PC and clouds site.(mediafire, youtube, soundcloud etc...) Don't hesitate ask me anything you'd like to get.


    have a nice weekend in Paris with Mika. Would you ask a question for him please...

    "When will you go to Japan ? Eriko is waiting..."

  2. Do you need the file ?

  3. Happy Birthday !!



  4. Have you checked the site ? http://www.city.toyota.aichi.jp/pt/index.html



    Toyota city pics of middle 20th century


    1958.01.01 the Mayor of Toyota city puts out the sign boad of the city at the office. http://www.city.toyota.aichi.jp/division/aa00/aa04/__icsFiles/artimage/2009/12/03/cc_aa04/0401.jpg


    1960 Toyota factory http://www.toyota.co.jp/jpn/company/history/75years


    Miyuki shopping street of Toyota city

    1950 http://www.h5.dion.ne.jp/~miyuki-1/oldphoto2.jpg


    1958 http://www.h5.dion.ne.jp/~miyuki-1/oldphoto1.jpg

  5. :bow: May I ask a question ?

    Where did you find a pic from ?





  6. Thanks Anne, I've got it, but the MP3 isn't good quality.

  7. @Marly which moments ( 00:00 ~ 05:17 ) of the clip ( White Christmas )do you want ?

    I'll take screen capture shots for you when I have a time to do. :wink2:

  8. My photobucket of Lisbon.


    I'm uploading....into the album. ENJOY !! Take care hun !!



  9. Happy Birthday !!!! :flowers2:


    This flower ( tree dahlia ) is blooming in my garden now.


    original size - 2012.11.11 Tree Dahlia



  10. :huglove: It's my pleasure !
  11. :huglove:It's my pleasure !

  12. Check it out please !! :wink2:


    about embedding YouTube video




    Have a nice weekend !!!! :bye:

  13. Have you checked eBay ? You can buy anything by PayPal.

    Good luck !!!:wink2:


    search : mika the origin of love


  14. I don't know where the interview should be posted. It was very short and typical one.


    my recording file is http://www.mediafire.com/?qigpny9cgwvoecm


    http://www.thewave.co.uk 2012.10.11

  15. still encording... I'm off to sleep ( it's 2:22 AM ) see you later again ! Ciao x :bye:

  16. still 40%.... :wait:

  17. I'm uploading Nico's file on Dailymotion's my channel http://www.dailymotion.com/user/j0kc/1

  18. Hi Marina,

    I got a message from Nico. She ripped Picnic Afhisa @ Moscow video, will send the D/L link of file when she could edit it.

  19. :aah:!!!!!!



    I believe that he's one of WONKALAND fans. :mikadas:

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