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  1. Bah thanks, these pictures make me so warm and fuzzy inside amazing
  2. Aw, I'm glad that you like it here :biggrin2: !

    Haha, I can imagine. I love traveling. Not that I get to do as much of it as I wish I could, but yeah :aah:


    If I'd been in your situation, I'd probably turn into someone even more boring than I already am (haha :aah: ).. Of.. Shock. Lala. I probably hadn't been able to say anything at all.. Orrrrrrr.. Really really reaallyyyy bad English. :sneaky2::naughty:


    MFC peeps are good to have around in situations like that! :roftl::biggrin2:

  3. Haha, definitely still on a cloud! My friends don't understand why I won't shut up about it...sooo glad to hear that I was at the right show!! Judging by what's been posted on both threads I was sort of daring to hope...


    I will definitely be watching your videos immediately :)


    And YES...let's do north america sometime!!! Awesome!!! :D So are you back home yet or still on the road?

  4. Heya! Was so nice to meet you after the Oslo show. Are you still on a cloud? :wub2:


    Oh and so you know, you were at the right gig; Oslo was soooo much better than Stockholm. Better crowd, and I think Mika was tired in Stockholm.


    I've put some vids up on YouTube: http://www.YouTube.com/user/conceitedwombat and so have two others from our little travelling group: http://www.youtube.com/user/saragiro http://www.youtube.com/user/tibsu14.


    Hope to see you at another Mika show sometime! Maybe even stateside? He's always great in LA! *hint, hint!*

  5. I love it in Norway!!! It's beautiful and Norwegians are great people! :D It's been fun to travel a bit around Europe as well, I had never been out of the States before this year! Basically I'm not looking forward to going home, haha!


    Yeah OMG...I basically had no words, just gave him the CD...and I think I said something super boring like "Thank you, the show was awesome..." Ahhhhh!!!! it's weird, I guess I was so in shock that I barely even remember that moment........but, I did meet some other fan club people and they reminded me to breathe, thank goodness! :P

  6. That is so cool. How do you like it here in Norway?


    Haha, I guess Norwegian ain't that easy. ...I don't want to think about my facial expression if I had gotten the chance to meet him. I'd probably just stare at him with frightened eyes, but overly happy ofc- and hand him whatever I had found for him to sign. Without saying a word :mf_rosetinted:

  7. I'm from the States but I'm studying this year in Bø, in Telemark. I'm studying Norwegian so it was cool to hear Mika trying to speak it, lol! When I met him I wanted to tell him that I understood the difficulty of it and everything but basically I just handed him my CD with a dazed look on my face....haha. Predictable, I guess! :D

  8. Yeah, I know, right? Ugg. Oh well, there will come other chances like this *convinces herself:aah: *


    I'm from Årnes. It's like an hour+/- or so from Oslo:biggrin2:

    Where are you from? >:3 ..


    Scarred, indeed. I still can't stop smiling. The show was AMAZIIIIIIIING.

  9. BAHHHHHHHHHH I frickin love this song, I just keep clicking replay................................................
  10. Hey! Bummer that you didn't get to stay after the show :( We met a few people who had late trains to catch...such a bummer...we lucked out and found some friends to stay with over night, so we were able to stay out late! :D Where are you from in Norway?


    PS...I agree, the show was AMAZING, I'm totally scarred for life as well!!!!

  11. Hi! It was great to meet you in Oslo! I hope you girls had a fantastic time in Stockholm as well...so jealous! :)

  12. thanks everybody for the great pics!!! amazing!! this was my first show and i think this is my first post, ridiculous since i've been hanging around for a long time! i agree with everyone, the show was amazing and i was absolutely blown away when he did over my shoulder. his norwegian-speaking was so cute and funny!! my spot in the second row was fantastic. i cried a little bit, is that embarrassing????!!!! waited for him after the show and got a hello and my CD signed. i chatted with some MFC-ers as well, lovely!!! a wonderful experience all around. i need to go to many, many more of these!!!!