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  1. I think I'll take care of TV News and maybe Instagram if timing will be my fella Here's the 1st 2 links of video i and some others found, they're both tv news services one from Rai3 national tv and Sky: here's the Rai3 full Tv news around 30 min Mika's part is by the end here's a link with just Mika's part from Facebook page No Omofobia Here's another one from Rai News national TV (Thanks Marina): Here's another nice vid from Nanopress and showing tweets and famous people along with average people speaking against omophobia (Thanks Marina): Here's another one from Studio Aperto another TV news on national italian TV, Mika is on the min 27 (Thanks Marina): Here's another one from : Here's another one from TG1 most important tv news on national italian TV, Mika at min 9.24 (Thanks Sarina&Lucrezia): Here's another one from SKY TG24 another TV News service from Sky (Thanks Marina): And here's a video that puts together pretty much all what appeared on italian TV till now! (Thanks DerMoment1608) Enjoy: Here's a new one from TG La7 another TV News on national italian TV: For Instagram posts Of course 1st of all the post from the boss Here's a few links of Instagram posts from Mika colleagues from X Factor Italia: Here's the post from the fan who put a poster with the hashtags on that vandalized Mika's banner: These are from France: These show the hashtags overlay on tv when sky transmitted Mika's gig at Parc de Princes the other night: and a few others i liked to share : Here's the Instagram post from Maison Valentino:
  2. 10 mins from my place sweetie u can stay over if u want! Thank you Mari!!
  3. Ups opened another thread didn't realised it was already on!
  4. FralovesMika

    ITALIAN THREAD - XVII parte News fresca ragazze buongiorno ho aperto anche un thread in new and press E tipo solo ora mi sono accorta che ce n'era già un altro LOL
  5. Appartently Mika will be at Mediaworld in a Mall in Stezzano, province of Bergamo, the next 15th June giving an exclusive preview of his new album "No place in Heaven", with an agreement between Universal and Mediaworld/Saturn in their stores will be available the exclusive version with 2 unreleased songs, also available for Fnac in France, these tracks are «Le Baisers Perdus» and «J’ai Pas Envie». Mika is expected to be there around 5.30 pm. I think that there will be an autograph session like last time, good news for all italian fas!
  6. FralovesMika

    Mika in "Che tempo che fa" 7th June 2015

    Got my email too!! Over excited it's been a while looking forward for Sunday!! Thx MFC & Ticket Fairy!!
  7. FralovesMika

    Mika in "Che tempo che fa" 7th June 2015

    Sent mine yesterday thank you!! Still have to get used to the new forum
  8. FralovesMika

    The Prosopagnosia (face recognition blindness) thread

    Welcome back Marilyn! How's your holiday? Obviously I'm back too, even if I'm still exhausted and next exams are approaching fast! I'm also writing like a mad to have all done soon, I'll try to translate some paragraphs to post eventually By now i wrote the introduction and your personal statement on the condition, i collected all together the info from your posts and added an incipit this should be the opening of my essay if everything goes as planned, hope it does! And by the end of july it has to be finished and all exam too this way i'll get my degree in september yes i like to complicate my life but for now i'm happy this way, for this project, this thread and everything in between, hope this will bring me luck
  9. FralovesMika


    Io son già partita, per chi c'è ci vediamo là! Per chi non c'è sarà per la prossima!
  10. FralovesMika

    The Prosopagnosia (face recognition blindness) thread

    There will be a live streaming, If you check Naples thread I'm sure someone posted the link Me too I won't be able to connect until late monday eve or tuesday I guess, so everyone enjoy this week end and see u next week I'm glad and happy for every word you write Marilyn really, you make this project marvellous every other day, enjoy you holiday dear
  11. FralovesMika

    The Prosopagnosia (face recognition blindness) thread

    You are more than welcome sweetheart Thanks for these amazing vids and your partecipation in this thread Christine, I'll try to translate all what he says in the next days and add something to my essay for sure!
  12. FralovesMika

    The Prosopagnosia (face recognition blindness) thread

    Thank you for this vid Marilyn, I've already wrote about it in the paperwork I presented, it was really beautiful and added something more to all what we talked about until now, I'm happy the way this is going and I'm sure it'll turn a kick-ass job! Of course thanks to you and all the other people who took part in this tread Yeah the strategies are the best part in it is so interesting and personal and make you look to the condition in a totally different perspective imo, I'll surely add your last part of this post too, it's surprising how many things you can discover about something even when it's been years you're facing it. And it's also hard to find someone actually into it willing to share it and who can explain this in a such a detailed and precise way, really I'm very very glad we started this project together! Thanks Nina for adding your son's experience too and partecipate in this thread it's another interesting aspects of this condition and I admire you for the attitude you have about it, I've known different children and adolescent with autistic spectrum disorder and i understand how hard it can be, but having a positive attitude and speak up about these syndromes it's the best thing we can do thank you again and can't wait to meet you again in Naples saturday, there's Pizza waiting for us, besides this guy on sunday
  13. FralovesMika

    The Prosopagnosia (face recognition blindness) thread

    Hey there everyone I don't have time to reply to all this eve, i'll do it tomorrow Anyway i did a paperwork on what we talked about until now on this thread and my relator liked it very much, infact we decided to modify the structure and some sections of my thesis, i'll put this paperwork about the thread at the beginning and then moving forward from that, exposing the condition and all the correlated matters. I've a couple of books and I'll have to resume some topic for the different sections and decide if i'll introduce any articles from the research literature, anyway it goes all in a essay that should be less than 40 pages, so i'll have to resume a lot because I wrote 8 pages only for what we talked about until now but I'm happy on how this is going! So thanks everyone for support and this great discussion, especially Marylin for sharing her experiences See you tomorrow, nighty 'night
  14. FralovesMika

    The Prosopagnosia (face recognition blindness) thread

    Hi there everyone! Tomorrow I've a meeting with my relator for the thesis to discuss the material I had and other thing, I'm also going to present a paperwork on what we talked about until now in this thread, I'll let you know how that went later tomorrow I hope and I hope it goes too Here I'll post a link to the pdf index in english of an italian book I found on prosopagnosia, I think I'll resume some chapters from this and add other stuff, it's very interesting, sadly I've a copy only in italian and i can't post but if anyone of you is interested can google it and see if you find at least a preview in english Here it is: Wish me luck! 'Night!
  15. FralovesMika

    The Prosopagnosia (face recognition blindness) thread

    Wow there is a lot to go through! Thank u Giovy I'm waiting they accept my request for the proxy service from the library and I'll surely look for some of these! Thanks again